I don’t care much for either Kellyanne Conway or her husband George, but I have to give them both props for parenting. Clearly they are doing something right if their daughter, Claudia Conway, hates both of them.

Claudia Conway has been outspoken about both of her parents and their jobs. She is quite active on TikTok and Twitter and claims her parents have abused her.

“They don’t give a shit. My dad doesn’t care about me. He’s never cared about me. He probably doesn’t even know my middle name, which is really sad but it’s true.” – Claudia Conway

After yet another tantrum on social media both Kellyanne and George announced they were leaving their respective jobs so they could spend more time at home with the kids.

Hopefully they will take her phone away.

Claudia is 14, and acts like this is 12. She wears too much makeup and should get the hell off Twitter and any other social media platform. I’m sure her mother agrees.

14 is a difficult age, and part of growing up is seperating from your parents – an often difficult and painful, but much needed process. And no one should have to do it under the microscope of social media or politics.

Claudia is devastated that her mother would speak at the Republican National Convention, and this is why she seeking emancipation, though she later clarified it was due to “years of childhood abuse”.

Claudia says she is “looking into emancipation”, I’m sure when she realizes that means she will have to give up her phone, computer, internet service, food, shelter and everything else that her parents provide, she might look elsewhere for relief.

This is ultimately where Cancel Culture will end – kids canceling their parents because they don’t agree with their politics, beliefs or parenting style. It’s already happening and the internet cheers the kids on. When did we give kids so much power?

Claudia is 14, she’s got a few years before she has to participate in the real world so it’s safe for her to throw these kinds of temper tantrums. She will grow out of these difficult years and hopefully be blessed with a daughter of her own one day.