Some Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Now that it's over, everyone can go home. Obviously, I have some thoughts on the Super Bowl and all the surrounding festivities and celebrations that took place in the Twin Cities metro area. Some Thoughts on the Super Bowl First and foremost, it was pretty awesome. The weather couldn't have been better. Sure, it was cold and it snowed a few inches, but that's what

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Ice Castles in Stillwater

One of the greatest thing about being a Minnesota Blogger is that I get invited to some pretty cool events. Last night I was lucky enough to attend a preview of Ice Castles in Stillwater, MN. It was a beautifully clear night out because it was -1°F, the windchill was -24°F. Trust me when I say it was cold. It might not be on your

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Family Friendly Things to do in the Twin Cities this December

If you're looking for family friendly things to do in the Twin Cities this December look no further than all these great events taking place this month. There's really something for the whole family to enjoy this December. Head on down to the Landmark Center in Downtown St. Paul and get your skate on at the Wells Fargo WinterSkate arena. If you'd rather take a

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THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE Bird Island Experience at Mall of America

Where: Mall of America Rotunda When: Saturday, April 2, 11am–5pm The Angry Birds Movie will take over the Rotunda at Mall of America® for the Bird Island Experience, featuring a Digital Arcade, Nest and Relaxation Lounge, power bungee jump, face painting, photo booth, crafts and more! Test your Angry Birds digital gaming skills at the Digital Gaming Arcade! Relax and manage your stress with massages, relaxation tips and Zen tea samplings

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Unbiased Review of Terminator Genisys

This is an unbiased review of the new Terminator Genisys movie in theaters now. I have not been compensated for this review and the views are all my own. Last night I dragged my 12 year old daughter to the Mall of America to see Terminator Genisys. She was hesitant to go, action movies are not really her thing and yet she acknowledged I'd sat

Unbiased Review of Terminator Genisys2015-07-01T14:08:49-05:00

Mall of America Threatened by Terrorist Group Al-Shabab

The Mall of America was officially threatened by Somali terrorist group Al-Shabab. I'm not surprised by this and I doubt Homeland Security is either. I have to assume the MOA has had a large target on it since 9/11, if not before. It epitomizes everything about western culture that groups like Al-Shabab despise. In the winter I am a mall walker. I usually go to

Mall of America Threatened by Terrorist Group Al-Shabab2015-02-22T14:11:16-06:00

Today is The Day of Positivity!!

Today is apparently The SpongeBob Day of Positivity, a day in which to celebrate SpongeBob Squarepant’s most admired quality – eternal positivity! I know this because my inbox is filled with all kinds of press releases about the positive event. Usually I ignore them because, like this press release, they come on the day of the event and I don't have time put together a decent post

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Big Ass Spider!

Big Ass Spider is a movie (a fantastically entertaining movie) about a big ass spider. If you haven't heard about this wonderful theatrical experience don't feel bad. Neither did I. I was looking for the movie Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs II out at the Mall of America and spotted the title to this great flick. Sure, the original Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

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Cirque du Soleil Amaluna at the Mall of America

Amazing. That's the word I used over and over again as I watched my first Cirque du Soleil this past week. I saw Amaluna with my daughter, my son's girlfriend and my friend the balloon guy. My son couldn't make it because he had mid terms. Amaluna is playing now through October 20th at the Mall of America. Click here for showtimes and ticket information.

Cirque du Soleil Amaluna at the Mall of America2013-10-05T18:47:44-05:00

This really is a real blog and Free Tickets to Hotel Transylvania

It only seems like it's nothing more than ads, reviews and promotions. Wanna get a free prescreening of Hotel Transylvania this weekend? Click here to get tickets to see the movie at the Mall of America at 10am on Saturday September 22nd. This is first come first served and having tickets doesn't mean you have a guaranteed seat. The theater is overbooked to ensure that

This really is a real blog and Free Tickets to Hotel Transylvania2012-09-17T21:14:52-05:00

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