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I got a call last night from my friend Gary. I've known Gary since I was 19 and I applied for a job in his balloon shop. I worked for him for years and to this day it is still the best job I ever had. Gary is actually one of my featured advertisements this month so if you live in the Twin Cities and

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I went to Ikea this weekend. I'm looking for a pull out couch or futon for my office upstairs. I need something small since the doorways are really tiny in my house. I've been to Ikea twice before this excursion. Once when I lived in Seattle and once when they opened one here across from the Mall of America. Both times I went just to


Midlife Crisis

Image via Wikipedia Hopefully my midlife crisis will be coming to an end soon. Last month I got two new tattoos and this month I pierced the cartilage on my ear. I was not planning on piercing my ear again. I already have 5 holes in my ear lobes so really didn't need anymore. I got the upper part of my ear pierced because I

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