Fix the Damn Potholes!!

The snow has been gone for a few weeks. Okay, it's been gone for a few weeks if you don't count the few inches we got last weekend after we had three days of near 90°F weather. Typical Minnesota spring, the sky is not falling, don't panic. I've seen it snow here in May. The weather is weird here, which is why we have such

Fix the Damn Potholes!!2023-04-20T14:04:33-05:00

How to Survive the Trumpocalypse

If you're like most of the American population you're wondering what the hell happened yesterday. You're also probably wondering how to survive the Trumpocalypse without losing your mind, dignity, friends, etc. You may or may not be wondering how the media and pundits got it so wrong. And if you're like many people you're busy pointing fingers and demanding that those who voted for him

How to Survive the Trumpocalypse2016-11-10T10:34:52-06:00

Election 2012 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

I can't wait until the 2012 election is over. Now don't get me wrong, I've loved all the name calling and bickering on Newsvine and have even participated in a smackdown or two, for that the election has been entertaining. And really, isn't politics like sports now? It's not as if either of the candidates will actually accomplish anything anymore. I'm looking forward to the

Election 2012 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again2012-09-09T12:38:40-05:00

What Happens if the US Government Shuts Down?

I don't know about you but I have been riveted to the TV waiting for a resolution to the budget stalemate and whether or not the government will shut down. According to a poll on MSNBC 67% or respondents think the government will shut down. And each side is pointing fingers at the other side. So what happens if they don't reach an agreement? What

What Happens if the US Government Shuts Down?2011-04-08T12:24:34-05:00

Al and Tipper Gore are Getting a Divorce?

Image via Wikipedia I'm not a huge fan of the Gores, even though Al gave us the internet, but I am sad to hear that they have decided to get a divorce after 40 years of marriage. I try to stay away from politics on my blog, even though the first year I talked about nothing but politics.  Blame it on the two year long

Al and Tipper Gore are Getting a Divorce?2010-06-02T10:16:16-05:00

Swine Flu Pandemic

Upon realization that the government does not yet have a monopoly on all forms of transportation the white house did what could only be called the most logical thing to do, they declared a Swine Flu pandemic which is spread through close human to human contact that can only result when people are in close, airtight quarters such as those found on airplanes, subways, trains

Swine Flu Pandemic2009-04-30T11:26:00-05:00

Election Tears of a 5 year old

This morning as I was getting ready to take my daughter to school I was watching the morning news. Daughter walked in and heard that they thought Obama would win the election. Daughter started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that Obama was going to win and she didn't want to give away her toys. I tried to calm her down

Election Tears of a 5 year old2008-11-04T14:59:00-06:00

Obama Does Not Want Me To Go To Work

Once again I was late for work because of Senator Obama. He decided to stop in and grab some pancakes and kiss a few babies on his way to the airport after a hugely successful fund raising event in Minneapolis last night. He stopped in at a local breakfast spot a block from my house and on the main artery that I take to work.

Obama Does Not Want Me To Go To Work2008-08-07T17:51:00-05:00

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

According to Satans Rapture the next terror attack on US soil will be May 5th of this year. The method used will be a release of the Ebola virus in Philadelphia. I suspect that will make Pennsylvanians even more bitter. This event will trigger WWIII and the start of the Biblical Tribulation will follow between June and September of this year. I guess I shouldn't

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It2008-04-24T19:39:00-05:00

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