This morning as I was getting ready to take my daughter to school I was watching the morning news. Daughter walked in and heard that they thought Obama would win the election. Daughter started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that Obama was going to win and she didn’t want to give away her toys. I tried to calm her down by telling her that even if he won he, nor anyone else, would come and take her toys. I didn’t stop however and worried out loud about an Obama win. I went on to tell her that if he did win we would have to watch our spending more than we do now and I wouldn’t be bringing as much home as before. She continued to cry.

“Why are you crying now?” I asked.

“I wish my birthday and Christmas were before the election, now I won’t get any toys for Christmas.” She said as she revved up the tears.

I told her she would still get presents for her birthday and Christmas but there just wouldn’t be as many and there would be a curb on other spending. I told her to have some hope, it wasn’t over yet. I wish I wasn’t so nervous.

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