I don’t know about you but I have been riveted to the TV waiting for a resolution to the budget stalemate and whether or not the government will shut down. According to a poll on MSNBC 67% or respondents think the government will shut down. And each side is pointing fingers at the other side.

So what happens if they don’t reach an agreement? What services shut down and which ones stay open?

The military will still be protecting us all over the world but they might not get paid right away

This sucks. Of all things the government does protecting us should be a priority. You can argue all you want that we shouldn’t be in some of those places, and you won’t hear me disagree, but our men and women in uniform are already there and they should be paid for their service.

Social Security checks will still go out

There might not be anyone in the office to answer questions people have about their benefits but they will still get their checks. Since we can’t seem to spend within our budget I will never get a Social Security check so I don’t have much to say on this one.

Mail will still be delivered

No offense to postal carriers but does anyone rely on the mail anymore? Most everything of importance can be done electronically so maybe shutting the doors of the postal offices around the country might be an easy way to save a few bucks.

Federal refunds will be delivered if you filed electronically

The IRS will still give you a refund if you filed electronically. If you are expecting a paper check you are in for a bit of a wait. You will still have to file your taxes by April 18th so don’t think this shut down gives you an extension.

National Parks will be closed

Park rangers other other national park workers are considered part of the 800,000 non essential government workers, they will get some time off without pay. Additionally if you and your family had plans to go camping in one of our national parks you are out of luck.

Air Traffic Control would continue in operation

Provided they weren’t sleeping your flight should take off and land just fine.

Last I heard the Democrats were blaming the impasse on the Republicans refusal to budge on the funding for health centers that include Planned Parenthood, so it has become an abortion issue. Republicans say that isn’t the issue, that they haven’t reached an acceptable budget yet.

Whatever. It’s all politics.

We rely too much on the government. So many of these agencies could be privatized and a lot of the fat could be cut if business owners were actually concerned about the bottom line, the politicians aren’t, on either side. They are so far removed from being a regular citizen of this great country, they are just too out of touch. They can just print more money, we can’t.

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