2013 started off with a bang and went downhill from there. It was the year I stopped trusting the internet and pulled back from most of social media. Not all the way, there was still plenty of Candy Crush and lots of interaction on Facebook but I didn’t blog much at all. At least not here.

I wrote over 150 blog posts per month, three newsletters and I created some pretty kickass websites for some amazing companies. I also wrote three books as a ghostwriter not to mention my own book that may one day see the light of day if I ever get around to a proper and complete editing overhaul.


Because I write for a living (that’s a pretty cool thing to write. For the longest time I mumbled the words “I’m a writer” because I didn’t really feel like explaining to people what blogging was. Most still don’t understand it but I write more than just blogs now and this year was a fantastic year for my business) I don’t really feel like writing on my blog anymore. That, and my kids are older so sharing their funny stories doesn’t work so well anymore.

According to WordPress my best blog posts were What it’s Really Like to be a Single Mother, How To Change Your Furby’s Personality and Which is Better Oreck or Dyson.

And while I build beautiful websites for a living I can’t seem to build one for myself. One of these days I’ll take the time.

My Book

I wrote a book that was supposed to be published this past year. It’s a long story why I didn’t, one I can’t share, but I hope to publish it in early 2014 or as soon as I can afford to have a professional editor go over it a couple of times. I could put it out as it is now but it sucks so I’m not. You only get one chance, right? If you haven’t already please like my book over there on the Facebook App in the sidebar.


I cut ties with many people this year. It’s taken me a long time to understand that having relationships with sociopaths and narcissists is a bad idea. They aren’t logical. Hell some of them aren’t even sane. I had to learn how to stop looking at the world through rose colored glasses and be skeptical of people in general. Basically I learned that people are out for themselves (IKR?) and while I shouldn’t take it personally I don’t like dealing with people who don’t consider the consequences of their actions before doing something amazingly and completely reckless. It was a tough lesson to learn.

Words and Phrases I’d Rather Not Hear Again

Twerking – I simply don’t understand this trend.

Hashtag anything – It’s one thing to use “#” on Twitter it’s another to punctuate your conversations with hand gestures that apparently mean #Hashtag (sort of like air quotes). Hashtags are (sort of) appropriate on Twitter and an old touch tone phone but no where else. If you’re over the age of 9 and you use them you fail.

Unnecessary Similes – One or two is fine but a whole mess of them is just lazy. If you have to rely on the simile to get your message across maybe you aren’t much of a writer.

Anything Said By Kanye West – While incredibly amusing at first now it’s just sad that someone of such privilege can spout off such unintelligent bullshit.


I could go off about politics but I won’t. However, both sides need to stop with the bitching and name calling and get to work. All Republicans are not racist and all Democrats are not idiots. In fact, most people in politics are the same regardless of their party affiliation. They’re all crooks who have no idea what the American people want or need.

The Future

I’m not sure where this blog will go in 2014. I’d like to start blogging regularly again but I’m not sure what I would blog about. I don’t know if this blog has run it’s course or not. Maybe 2014 is the year I find out.

2013 wasn’t the worst year. Not by a long stretch. Professionally it’s one of the best if not the best year I’ve had since I started writing. Personally it was a year of growth and about learning some hard lessons. Those lessons will help me in the years ahead so I don’t regret anything. I’ve got my ducks in a row for the next few years and that wouldn’t have happened if not for this shitty year. Not a bad year at all.

I hope all of you have a fantastic New Year’s and are able to celebrate with friends and family. Because when all is said an done it’s about the connections we make with those people. Those are the things that matter.

Happy New Year!