Videos for Cats to Watch!!

Finally!! After months and months of thinking about doing this, I finally made a video for my cat to watch! It seems like a small enough thing - making a video of birds eating bird seed, but it was actually a really big thing to do.  We got Navi, the Bombay cat last December a few months after Dini died. Navi is a 3 to

Videos for Cats to Watch!!2018-07-15T21:30:13-05:00

Taking a Social Media Break

I'm going to be taking a social media break. Mostly from Facebook since that is where I waste most of my time. I'm doing it for many reasons, the above mentioned wasting time is a big one, but I'm also doing it because it's not fun anymore. Social media has turned into the Mean Girls table in 7th grade and I hated it then and

Taking a Social Media Break2017-01-23T21:37:37-06:00

Freaky Old Spice Mom Ad

So this latest viral video is either really funny or really creepy depending on how much of a helicopter parent you turned out to be. It's about mothers and their sons who grow up to use Old Spice. I suppose it's about letting go but really it just looks like these young men are going to have difficulty in any new relationship and they may

Freaky Old Spice Mom Ad2014-01-06T11:28:20-06:00

Got Milk? Breakfast Blitz! Support Breakfast Programs at Local Schools

Join in the Got Milk? Breakfast Blitz Sweepstakes! EVERY MILK PURCHASE* BETWEEN NOW AND FEBRUARY 17, 2013 WILL HELP SUPPORT BREAKFAST PROGRAMS AT LOCAL SCHOOLS AND GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO WIN TICKETS TO THE 2014 SUPER BOWL! The people at Got Milk are making breakfast possible at the local level and you can help. Enter to win this great sweepstakes and help your local

Got Milk? Breakfast Blitz! Support Breakfast Programs at Local Schools2013-02-12T13:20:09-06:00

Daughter Gets 5 Teeth Removed With Laughing Gas

Last week my daughter had to have 5 teeth removed. Apparently there is a little crowding going on and because she won't let her baby teeth fall out we had to have some of them removed. This is a video of the nurse (who was wonderful) prepping her for the surgery. Because Maddie is a little nervous about needles we decided that a little laughing

Daughter Gets 5 Teeth Removed With Laughing Gas2012-03-21T11:15:34-05:00

The Internet IS Your Permanent Record

I've been lucky enough to have two children who, at least when under the age of 10, have been unable to keep any secrets from me. I'm not foolish enough to believe this will last through the teen years. In fact I have one who has made it through the teen years and I can say that yes, they will learn how to lie. However,

The Internet IS Your Permanent Record2012-03-06T20:07:51-06:00

Hey, Adam Levine by Tim Mahoney

Last year on the first season of The Voice, one of our very own local Minnesota boys got to sing in front of Christina, Ceelo, that country guy and Adam Levine. I don't have time to watch these kinds of shows like a fan should. I don't have time to watch three times a week or however many times it's on but I made a

Hey, Adam Levine by Tim Mahoney2012-01-18T18:31:13-06:00

How Not To Leave a Comment Part 2

Last week Kathy, from the Junk Drawer, got all kinds of media attention for her post about the loud Sun Chips bag. She made a video, months ago, about the bag and posted it on her site and YouTube.  After a little self promotion the story was picked up by The Wall Street Journal, CNN and The Today Show.  All the links are in the

How Not To Leave a Comment Part 22010-08-23T08:58:36-05:00

Kids Today Don’t Appreciate The Classics

Last week I was surfing around the web and came across Margie and Edna's Basement. I've been reading their blog for ages and love it. Last week they had a little video montage of classic shows from the 60's. I played it while the kids were in the room with me since I knew there would be nothing they shouldn't see. As I was watching

Kids Today Don’t Appreciate The Classics2010-02-22T11:04:45-06:00

Stanley’s Hats

We didn't play Wii. Instead daughter wanted to put videos on YouTube. Here is daughter's first video. That is me sneezing in the background.

Stanley’s Hats2010-01-18T13:46:49-06:00

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