Last week Kathy, from the Junk Drawer, got all kinds of media attention for her post about the loud Sun Chips bag. She made a video, months ago, about the bag and posted it on her site and YouTube.  After a little self promotion the story was picked up by The Wall Street Journal, CNN and The Today Show.  All the links are in the article on Tribal Blogs Kathy wrote today so I am not going to link to them here.

Being the smart woman she is, Kathy decided to strike while the iron was hot and submitted her story to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She told a few people and asked if we could support her efforts by commenting on her submission to The Daily Show.

I was stoked to find that I was the first one over there to leave a comment.

Kathy should have asked me to wait until some other people had left comments.

I pulled a Tuscan/Tucson on Kathy and spelled Jon Stewart wrong. I spelled it John Stewert.

Thankfully I learned from my mistake over at Nannygoatsinpanties and found the edit button right away and fixed it before anyone noticed.

However, I didn’t notice the mistake until after sending an email to Kathy with a quote of what I said.

This is what I wrote:

“I would love to see The Bag Lady interviewed by John Stewert. She doesn’t just know about Sun Chip bags she also has a bag stuck in a tree which she named, blogs about and throws birthday parties. This bag lady knows her bags.”

I can’t believe I spelled his name wrong! Fuck. Kathy I am so sorry.

Followed by:

Ha! There was an edit button. All is not lost.

Kathy responded with this:

You are so awesome. Thanks for that!!! They don’t seem to get a lot of comments there, so that’s gotta help. I wouldn’t know how to spell his name right either.

Kathy doesn’t show it but I know I have just given her a heart attack. I had only noticed that I spelled Stewart incorrectly, I hadn’t noticed that I also spelled Jon wrong. I couldn’t let it go, I had to comment on it.

OMFG I spelled Jon wrong too. I spelled it John. I fixed it but now it’s like the post at Margaret’s all over again. I feel like I must explain myself, make excuses for my inability to spell properly and I don’t have any excuses, both kids are out of the house (though one of Alex’s friends is still here). I could use the fire in the microwave but then I would have to explain that and we’d be here all night.

To which Kathy responded:

Oh you’re cracking me the hell up. Yes, it is like Margaret all over again. LMAO. Stop it!

So, before you go leaving comments all over the internet for your friend whom you are trying to help, make sure you proofread.

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