Last year on the first season of The Voice, one of our very own local Minnesota boys got to sing in front of Christina, Ceelo, that country guy and Adam Levine. I don’t have time to watch these kinds of shows like a fan should. I don’t have time to watch three times a week or however many times it’s on but I made a point to watch this show because Tim Mahoney was going to sing for a national audience.

I’m Sure We’ve Met

Tim Mahoney is someone who has been a part of my second marriage for no other reason than we listed to Cities 97 whenever we were on the motorcycle. Tim was part of one of their samplers as well and that got a lot of play in my car. I’ve never met Tim but I have seen him play all over the Twin Cities so it feels like I know him. He was up and coming when I met Ex#2 so he will forever feel like part of that relationship.

Tons of Fans

Tim has a huge fan base in Minneapolis/St. Paul. His fans are devoted and he gets an awful lot of attention from local media. I am sure he hustles his ass off to get as much air play and time on the local Saturday morning news shows. I wish him nothing but the best and actually would love to pick his brain to figure out how he does it because damn if I’m just banging my head against a wall in these towns. So, I wasn’t surprised to see he got a shot on a national show and figured he would do very well.

He didn’t, at least not for his talent.

As you may know the hook of The Voice is that the “experts” can’t see who is singing so they choose to work with an artist based solely on their voice. It is only after they hit the button that they turn around and see who they have chosen.

Tim was chosen by Adam Levine, sight unseen, and when he turn around in his oversized chair he looked a little confused and explained his confusion by stating that he thought Tim was a chick.

Cuz Adam Levine has such a low voice and looks so manly (seriously, dude just because you wear all black and have a tattoo doesn’t make you look tough, in fact you are a mustache short of being a Village People).

It’s All Good

I stopped watching after that but learned later that Tim didn’t get much further than that episode, or maybe he did but he didn’t make it to the end. It was a bummer, the man has a ton of talent and can write a great song. I’m not surprised any of those people didn’t recognize his talent but truth be told I can’t imagine working with one of them without wanting to smack someone (Christina, Adam) so he probably did better for the exposure and confusion than if he had actually worked with them. All publicity is good publicity, right?

Best Served Cold

So, a year or so goes by and Tim gets the final word. Tim wrote a song called Hey, Adam Levine, he posted it on Youtube and it’s getting some attention. It didn’t hurt that he got a call into KS95 and got to plug it (how the hell do I do that?). They played a clip of it on the radio and I spewed Diet Coke through my nose as I listed to the lyrics. Of course my daughter was in the car so I had to explain what that was all about.

So now Tim Mahoney is in yet another phase of my life, the one explaining that ‘dick’ is another word for ‘penis’.

Thanks, Tim!