I Suck at Mario Kart for the Wii

My daughter got a Wii for Christmas. Actually she got two Wiis. One at home and one at her dad's. This means she can be practicing these games all the time which means if I want to compete with her I have to practice all the time. And I don't have time for that. Last night we played Mario Kart for hours, both of us

I Suck at Mario Kart for the Wii2012-01-16T05:02:00-06:00

Angry Birds is Coming to a TV Near You!

If you haven't heard of Angry Birds yet, don't worry, you will soon. Actually you should be a little concerned because as trends go this one is hot. Even Dick Chaney knows about Angry Birds. Angry Birds is a cute little game for the iPhone, iPad and many other devices.  In a nut shell you aim birds at a target and try to knock it

Angry Birds is Coming to a TV Near You!2011-01-20T10:26:49-06:00

Wii Knee and the Power of the Blogosphere

Well, it finally happened. After three years of playing Wii, occasionally, I now have Wii Knee. This is my second Wii injury. My first was a few weeks ago when I knocked the ball out of the park scoring a home run in baseball. I some how managed to scrape the Wii remote against my knuckle and gashed the hell out of it. It's just

Wii Knee and the Power of the Blogosphere2010-02-01T11:46:49-06:00

Wii Fit

I want one, I have looked everywhere to find one and there are none. There are none in real stores and there are none online unless I want to pay three times what they are worth and I don't. The day after Christmas there will be gobs of them in stores and online. I'm willing to wait since it's for me anyway.Why can't Nintendo make

Wii Fit2008-12-14T10:51:00-06:00

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