I want one, I have looked everywhere to find one and there are none. There are none in real stores and there are none online unless I want to pay three times what they are worth and I don’t. The day after Christmas there will be gobs of them in stores and online. I’m willing to wait since it’s for me anyway.

Why can’t Nintendo make enough of what it sells? They have been making these consoles and games for decades, they know they are popular, what is the problem? This doesn’t make me want the game more it makes me mad. Yesterday I went to Target, Walmart (I hate Walmart), Circuit City and Best Buy. They all said I could order it online or I could come back when they got their next shipment and wait with a bunch of greasy haired nerds I don’t think so. Not that there is anything wrong with greasy haired nerds, I have one for a son, but I don’t want to wait in line with them for a stupid game. I am above that. I also don’t speak their language and I end up feeling lonely and rejected around them. It doesn’t help that I could be their mother.

I think it would be nice of Nintendo to remeber that people like me were the first customers they had. I bought the first console back in the 80’s. I bought game after game and when they made a new console I bought that. I had to since the new Zelda game couldn’t be played on the old console and Zelda raocks! Every time a new Zelda game came out I bought the new console and now I have a Wii. I have been a loyal customer, I have spent lots of money for a lot of plastic over the years and I think they could remember me and give me a damn Wii Fit without making me wait in line. I’m sure if I had Wii Fit I would be a lot less cranky.