Well, it finally happened. After three years of playing Wii, occasionally, I now have Wii Knee.

This is my second Wii injury. My first was a few weeks ago when I knocked the ball out of the park scoring a home run in baseball. I some how managed to scrape the Wii remote against my knuckle and gashed the hell out of it. It’s just about healed.

This time however the injury is far worse. Yesterday afternoon I noticed my left knee was beginning to hurt. Walking up and down steps or sitting down or up caused a fair amount of pain. I hadn’t played the Wii on Sunday but I did on Saturday kicking my high scores to the curb and maintaining my reign on the parade game as well as the obstacle course. I also did four rounds of the step aerobics that day.

I did not fall, I did not trip and I did not have any pain while playing the Nintendo Wii.

The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even finish my glass of wine. Aspirin did nothing to dull the pain.  I iced it up and elevated it until I went to sleep. When I awoke this morning it felt as if someone had shot me in the knee. Stairs were nearly impossible and a shower was out of the question (I have a claw foot tub). I caved in and called my orthopedist.

I don’t have a fear of doctors, I grew up around them and have always held the belief that they can help and only hurt in order to make things better. I don’t mind shots either. However, I hate going to the doctor for something that will very likely take care of itself given time. I rarely think that what ails me is a big enough problem to actually see a doctor. This might be why I end up in the ER after waiting too long. I will haul my kids to the doctor long before the ER is necessary but I still believe I am infallible if not immortal. I can heal. I am Super Mom.

After I dropped my daughter at school I headed down to the doctor’s office. I was lucky that they were able to get me in so quickly. I’m sure crying on the phone to the scheduling nurse didn’t hurt either.

Once I got there I had all kinds of forms to fill out. Under the employment section I hesitated. What the hell do I do for employment? There was only a small line for me to fill in so I couldn’t really explain that I do copy writing, ghost writing, house painting, researching, and blogging. Ultimately I blog for a living. Except the painting, everything else I do came to me through blogging and is related to blogging.

I was ashamed to write down my occupation as “blogger”.

So I wrote “copy writer/blogger” in the little line provided and handed the paperwork back to the receptionist.

And you know what happened?

Suddenly I was getting really good service. I was x-rayed and treated without the usual sitting in office after office waiting for someone to come in and take a look at me.

I’ve noticed better treatment when I have disclosed my blog name before but thought it was just coincidence. Now I’m beginning to wonder.

Has anyone else noticed better treatment or service because the establishment knows you blog? I’m really curious to know if maybe we hold some kind of power that we didn’t know we had before. Kinda like Dorothy and her ruby slippers or something.

Yes, they did give me drugs.

I’m going in for an MRI tonight which should confirm the diagnosis of Meniscus tear.

I think I’m going to print up some business cards.

*I found the picture from Qualified Condition but my guess is he stole if from somewhere else on the web.

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