I’m Having a Giveaway Sponsored by Straight North for a $50 Gift Card!

That's right, I'm having a giveaway sponsored by the folks from Straight North. Straight North is a Chicago marketing company that is so much more than a company. Mitt was right when he said that corporations were people, at least that's the case with Straight North. Straight North provides B2B Internet marketing, SEO, PPC,  and social media solutions for business. Straight North is offering a $50 gift card

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Blogging for Your Business

I work with a lot of companies that want to get their name out there on the web but who just don't know how to do it. They know they aren't using the internet to its fullest marking potential but don't know how to use the internet to their advantage either. Often times they will have a website, usually created by a friend or family

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Weiner’s Weiner

  I guess it is his.   Apparently Anthony Weiner sent some 200 sexually explicit messages to a woman or women on Facebook in addition to sending the picture of his bulging underwear to someone over Twitter.   I'm so sick of this stuff. I don't care which side of the aisle he is on, this kind of behavior has got to stop. I don't

Weiner’s Weiner2011-06-06T17:38:30-05:00

It Was Funnier in My Dreams

Do you ever wake up in the morning thinking about a blog post, maybe it was a dream or something? I did this morning. It was quiet, no one was doing this yet, and I was actually chuckling to myself over this post. I was talking to Cardiogirl the other day. Cardiogirl is one of many bloggers I have actually talked to on the phone

It Was Funnier in My Dreams2010-12-03T13:03:46-06:00


I'm having a lot of doubts these days. I'm not sure what I am doing or why for that matter. I want to finish this book but the more I work on it the more I think it sucks. I also know that I need to refine the focus of it, I have an idea but honestly I don't know what the fuck I am


Blogher Envy

Image via CrunchBase I'm not packing, I'm not desperately writing a few posts to auto-post while I am gone. I'm not excited. Because I'm not going to Blogher like every other blogger I know. I could go to Blogher 2010 but I have better things to do. I have to figure out how to get more than 7 readers in my Feedburner chicklet. I have

Blogher Envy2010-08-04T19:07:49-05:00

How Will You Prevent the Summer Slide?

Image via Wikipedia Summer is here and already I have noticed a drop in my traffic. It took a dive last weekend for Memorial Day but in all honesty it started dropping when the weather got warmer. This has been standard for me since I have been blogging so I don't worry about it too much but I would really like to prevent or at

How Will You Prevent the Summer Slide?2010-06-03T10:46:09-05:00

Everybody Pees

That isn't quite as revolutionary as "Everybody Poops" but still, it is true. There isn't anything to be ashamed about when it comes to peeing, except if you call it urinating and then it's just weird. The reason I mention the whole pee thing is that the other day I was peeing. Let me back track for a second. My bathroom is above the water

Everybody Pees2010-04-29T15:52:38-05:00

Day 1 Without Carbohydrates, Let the Wagers Begin

Image via Wikipedia Day 1 without carbohydrates. ***The contest has been changed since only two people were willing to bet against me. New Contest For Happy Goat Soap*** This sucks. I'm only 12 and a half hours into this and I don't know how I'm going to do it. The hard part isn't avoiding the foods I am giving up. The hard part is the

Day 1 Without Carbohydrates, Let the Wagers Begin2010-03-01T13:11:24-06:00

Google Buzz

I don't need another way to socialize with my friends online. I have my blog, Facebook, Twitter, my reader, email, linkedin (which I don't use), Friend Feed (which I don't use either), and the list could go on. What the hell am I supposed to do with Google Buzz? I use gmail and I work hard to clean out my inbox. Currently I have 897

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