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Day 1 without carbohydrates.

***The contest has been changed since only two people were willing to bet against me.

New Contest For Happy Goat Soap***

This sucks.

I’m only 12 and a half hours into this and I don’t know how I’m going to do it.

The hard part isn’t avoiding the foods I am giving up. The hard part is the fact that the foods I am giving up are already prepared. Food that has a shelf life for years. Food that needs no refrigeration. Food that comes in a box or bag.

The hard part is that now I have to actually prepare my food.

Do you know how long it takes to prepare food at least three times a day?

A long time.

I have a massive headache and I pee every 20 minutes.

This must be good, right?

So who thinks I can’t do this?

C’mon, I know there are some out there who don’t think I have it in me.

I’m willing to put my mouth where the money is. Or something like that.

I have three bars of rich goats milk soap, compliments of Happy Goat Soap, for whomever can guess how long I will last on this no carb diet.

My goal was to do this for a week. If I didn’t murder anyone after that week I would continue for as long as it takes to establish better eating habits.  I’ve done this before but usually fail because something stressful happens and I fall back on comfort food. This time I’m doing it in front of an audience who, for the most part (not you Surfie or Nancy), are being really supportive so that could make all the difference.

What do you have to do to win three bars of the best soap in the world?

Leave a comment with the date you think I will succumb to sugar or bread or anything processed and delicious. I’m going to announce the winner next Monday so make the date for this week. In the event that I actually succeed in getting the sugar monkey off my back I will choose a winner from random from all entrants.

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How will you know if I cheated? I have told my son and my daughter to keep me on track. If I cheat my son knows how to tell on me using any of the social media sites as well as hacking my blog.

If I cheat and they aren’t home you can bet the guilt will get to me and I will tell on myself.

Let’s get a couple of things clear however. I am not going completely carbohydrate free. That isn’t possible. I’m giving up processed food, sugar, bread, breading, pasta, candy, cookies, ice cream, anything that is really good. I am getting carbs in fruits and veggies as well as milk and what few carbs there are in meat and fish. I can eat pasta if it is Dreamfields which does something to make it really low carb and high fiber. The problem is it’s hard to find in the stores.

Let the wagers begin!

** I forgot to mention, this contest IS open to international contestants so all you Canadians can get in on the good clean fun!

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