Canada, Canada is big, More Canada, Still more CanadaDo you ever wake up in the morning thinking about a blog post, maybe it was a dream or something? I did this morning. It was quiet, no one was doing this yet, and I was actually chuckling to myself over this post.

I was talking to Cardiogirl the other day. Cardiogirl is one of many bloggers I have actually talked to on the phone in real life. I have not yet met any blogger in person because no one wants to come to this God forsaken place. When I woke up this morning it was -7F and it’s been snowing ice for the last month. Apparently our fine city is already out of ice and salt. I know this economy sucks but if you have an entrepreneurial spirit you could make a fortune here if you opened an auto body shop. You’d only have to work six months out of the year and could take off the whole summer. Which is only three months and obviously my math is wrong but that’s because of this.

I really need to start playing Bingo.

But I digress.

I was talking to Cardiogirl, on the phone, because we have meetings several days a week. We do this because we are trying to make Tribal Blogs awesomer (we’re giving away a Kindle this month and we have paid opportunities available!)  and because we are both lonely, isolated, and sick of being parents and hearing this all day long. So anyway, we were talking about Tribal Blogs and where everyone is from. Somehow we got to talking about the Canadian bloggers and how we both assumed they all lived just north of us.

The assumption was made because frankly neither one of us realized how freaking big Canada really is and that it actually goes to the east and west coasts. Canada, to both Cardiogirl and me, was that area around the upper part of the Great Lakes. This was really funny on the phone and even more funny in my mind this morning over coffee. Of course it’s lost something in translation.

So I made a map of where everyone is from. Not everyone because not everyone answered my email and I couldn’t find where they were from in their “about me” pages, but at least some of the bloggers. I even went so far as to figure out how to pixalate the words on the image and link them to their blogs (I had to have my son show me how to do this but since he is all about teaching a man to fish and not simply giving him a fish he found this cool site that I could use to link the areas of my map). However, I don’t think it worked and I’m not doing it again.

There was a purpose to this post, in my mind this morning it all tied neatly up into a beautiful and logical post. It’s gone now because of this*.

*Thanks to Kathy for sending me this link.

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