9/11 – For A Brief Moment, We Were All Just Americans

I've written about 9/11 over the years, where I was, what I was doing and how the events of the day overshadowed my own hell I was facing, if only for a while. It's been ten years from that horrible day in September and at times it feels like it was yesterday. I can pull up the emotions I was feeling, the ones that are

9/11 – For A Brief Moment, We Were All Just Americans2021-09-11T10:34:11-05:00

I’m Not Going to the Royal Wedding but I Might Watch It on TV at 4am

Nope, I am unable to make it to the Royal Wedding this year. I'd like to go but only because it seems that London got our weather and we are stuck with theirs. I'll be honest, I missed the first Royal Wedding of Diana and Charles. I had to go to school and my parents didn't let me watch TV before school started.

I’m Not Going to the Royal Wedding but I Might Watch It on TV at 4am2011-04-28T15:26:24-05:00

2010 Year in Review

Image by Ask America via Flickr Seems everyone has a year in review article on their blog or newsite this time of year. And why not? Ain't nothing happening on the web or in the world so what better time to look back at the end of the year than at the end of the year? Of course we aren't going to look

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Where Was This Taken?

I take a lot of photos while driving around town. Usually when stopped in traffic or walking. I have been known to take a picture or two while driving but I don't recommend it. I took this picture earlier this summer, I wasn't really thinking blog at the time but I knew I had to have a picture of this. It's been sitting on my

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Third Annual Complain About the Heat Post

Image via Wikipedia It's come way too early this year. Last year my annual complain about the heat post was published on June 23rd, that's nearly a whole month early. The first annual complain about the heat post didn't happen until July 16th of 2008. Clearly global warming is not just a theory. To make matters worse I have a sick kid. I'm

Third Annual Complain About the Heat Post2020-07-29T14:35:08-05:00

I Love This Job

I spend a lot of time looking at humorous websites. Most of them can be found at Tribal Blogs.  Because I spend so much time reading funny websites I start to think that all websites are meant to be humorous. It's kind of like reading Dr. Suess and then reading the paper. You try to make everything rhyme and in iambic pentameter. The sensation is

I Love This Job2009-02-16T15:24:00-06:00

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