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Nope, I am unable to make it to the Royal Wedding this year. I’d like to go but only because it seems that London got our weather and we are stuck with theirs.

I’ll be honest, I missed the first Royal Wedding of Diana and Charles. I had to go to school and my parents didn’t let me watch TV before school started. They also thought the royal family was a bunch of twits. I did watch Luke and Laura get married, and I skipped school to do that though my parents didn’t know I did.

No, I’m not a huge Windsor family fan. Not that there is anything wrong with them but I spent way too much time watching Diana die when I really needed to be doing other things.

I like Kate and William, they both seem nice and with any luck the media and paparazzi will leave them alone so they can be married in peace. Lord knows marriage is hard enough when you are a nobody, it’s got to be twice as hard when photographers are following you around all day.

Can you imagine?

You’d have to wear make-up every day and you couldn’t go to Walgreen’s in your sweat pants to pick up Cheese Doodles and M&Ms. You’d have to actually put on real clothes and change your underwear which would mean you might have to do laundry on a regular basis.

Sounds dreadful.

Nope, I won’t be going because I am too busy planning the Tribal Blogs conference with Kelly and Nicky and a host of other wonderfully talented volunteers. I’m pleased to announce that Jen, The Prior Fat Girl will be speaking at the conference. You do not want to miss her presentation, she is a truly inspiring woman with an outlook on life that is amazing. Go read her blog to find out more about her and then come on back to tell me how right I am.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

We have some awesome new sponsors, one who is giving away a complete publishing package!!!! I will have more information on that in the next day or two so stay tuned here or check out the Tribal Blogs blog.

Kathy, from the Junk Drawer has some free tickets to the conference if you want to go. Head on over to her blog to read how you can get your hands on one, she won’t even make you jump through any hoops. She also has discount codes available!

Nicky has been posting her interpretations of how meeting each blogger IRL will go, these are hilarious and I am amazed at her ability to get the essence of each blogger so spot on (did you see that, I said something that English people say!). She hasn’t gotten to me yet and I am worried about how accurate she gets my ass. I’ve even written her an email begging her to be kind. Not that my ass is that big or as big as Mike seems to think it is but it is bigger than Jayne’s size 4 ass and since Mike can be rather persuasive I didn’t want Nicky to think he was right about it. I will admit that blogging has not been kind to my ass…that’s all I will say.

Nicky also wrote an great guest post over on Tribal Blogs about finding other funny blogs and she introduced us to the wickedly amusing Sandra from Absolutely Narcissism which is a great blog name even if it does not roll off the finger tips with ease. Sandra is not for the faint of heart. She talks the talk and walks the walk and says things that might make a 12 year old boy blush. Don’t read her while drinking Diet Coke or Coffee, or any beverage for that matter. Shortly after Nicky wrote her post Sandra announced that she too is coming to the conference!

I can not wait to meet everyone!

See, here is the problem I am having and why I’m not all wrapped up in the royal wedding festivities. I’m kinda frazzled about the conference. I spend a lot of time on the phone, sometimes two phones at once talking while writing emails and doing all kinds of other things. Don’t get me wrong this is exhilarating and fun and I am meeting so many great people I have nothing to complain about except I have also had a hell of a cold and since the weather is still too cold for April and too cold for my cat to go outside I am still not getting enough sleep. I sometimes think bad things about Nicky who started this whole roller coaster ride.

See the words Can and Not up there? I know it’s wrong. Kelly has told me when we are working on a document together or maybe it was an email, I don’t really remember because as I am typing this I just remembered I have to take my daughter out to get shoes tonight before we go to her play tonight at school. I also have to fill out all kinds of forms for financial aid for my son who is going off to college next fall. Did I mention my mother is in the hospital? So I forget about the words like cannot and can not. Seems to me they should be able to go together or sit happily apart and no one should think twice about it.

I actually typed the word alot yesterday!

I know!

I need a nap. So I might not be getting my non size 4 ass out of bed tomorrow at 4am to watch two people whom I have never met get married.



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