I spend a lot of time looking at humorous websites. Most of them can be found at Tribal Blogs.  Because I spend so much time reading funny websites I start to think that all websites are meant to be humorous. It’s kind of like reading Dr. Suess and then reading the paper. You try to make everything rhyme and in iambic pentameter. The sensation is not unlike jumping on a trampoline for a while and then getting onto solid ground. Your legs still want to bounce.

I often find myself reading a blog about puppy abuse or breast cancer and am waiting in great anticipation for the punch line. This is not done disrespectfully, I understand going through difficult times and found that using humor is a great way to deal with challenges. Many people do not however and prefer to wallow in self pity. Again not something I am against, I love self pity and if no one else is going to feel sorry for me at least I can do a great job all on my own but I make it funny or try to.

Occasionally I get lucky and stumble across blogs that are so funny and so sad all at the same time. I often want to make fun of them but fear they will stumble onto my site and make nasty comments to me. Imagine my great fortune to find a blog that was not only funny, horribly depressing, had gobs of stuff to make fun of and clearly written by someone who does not have a great handle on the English language and therfore cannot leave nasty comments! I’m in heaven.

Here is an excerpt from Life is full up and down:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grandfather Death Anniversary

Hi guys,today is Sunday the day for church and death anniversarry to my grandfather,But my grandpa i never see him i was a little kids when he was death.I just known to my parents that my granpa is his death anniversary today 15 in February.Well,because of this day we haven’t little occasion,prayed and having some special food preparing.So,from this morning i been up early because my auntie wake up with me because they goes at church with my uncle and i am the to stay at house while they are at church.Then,i been up too in bed and fix and sweep the many dry leaves outside.And until some of my auntie coming from mountain and my cousin to prepared food for this occasion.Much work today with me,helping for cooked and i am the one washed all the dishes even i having mens and every i having mens my stomach very painful but it’s ok i was manage until now.Happy weekend everybody..

It starts off rather cheery “Hi guys!” and then quickly gets to the point that today is the day that grandpa died. The author doesn’t say how long ago but presumably in the last year. I’m not sure if the author ever saw the grandpa dead or dead when she was a kid. Grandpa might have been dead for a long time and maybe they hauled him out of storage so everyone could pray around him once a year. Now that she is older she is allowed to see him dead. I’m not really sure.

Apparently she lives with her aunt and uncle. She also apparently sleeps with her aunt. Maybe her aunt is like “uncle” here in the US? Again I’m not sure but it looks like they expect her to do a lot more than just sleep with them. She is also the servant of the house. Which might explain why she never got to see her grandfather while he was dead.

It seems they don’t have enough work for this poor girl since they have her outside fixing broken leaves. I know it is important to save the environment but I think this is going a little too far. I hope they gave her a glue stick rather than expecting her to sew the damn leaves together. She also might finish that job more quickly, and thus be able to see her poor dead grandpa, if she wasn’t such a slut with all those mens.