This is What’s Wrong With Politics

I received this email this morning. Subject: ..... Name: Maximillian Steel Email: Message: You are a mindless automaton who has the audacity to call others lemmings when you support the epitome of lemmings, the GOP. So I assume you are a rich person if you are voting for the rich man's party, If not than your even dumber than I expected. It must be hard

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Minnesota: Where Even The Criminals Are Practical

Back in 1987, Howard Mohr wrote a funny little book that taught non natives of Minnesota how to talk like us. Howard Mohr's How To Talk Minnesotan: A Visitor's Guide was a bestseller here in the land of 10,000 lakes, though no one would ever admit to actually purchasing the book. We all borrowed it from someone who was from out of town.

Minnesota: Where Even The Criminals Are Practical2011-07-13T20:28:36-05:00

It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Minnesota Government Shutdown

Actually it is the heat too. It's been dreadfully hot and humid here and I really don't like the heat very much. Thankfully we are getting a bit of a respite with regard to temps these last couple of days but I hear according to Jonathan that it will be in the upper 90s come this weekend. Thanks Jonathan! I'd like to blame

It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Minnesota Government Shutdown2011-07-13T19:01:37-05:00

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

I'm back! Don't even ask about the book. I don't really have a whole post about one thing, I just have a bunch of bitches that I need to get out of my system. None are long enough in and of themselves to make a post with so I'm gonna lump them all together here while I get my mojo working again. Last week, or

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Hillary Clinton and Mickey Mouse

A friend of mine, who after just 25 years of knowing me, realized I was a conservative. He actually called me a "Dittohead” which I am not and took considerable offense to, but I did fess up to being a conservative. He asked me why I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton assuming of course that no conservative in their right mind would vote for Hillary

Hillary Clinton and Mickey Mouse2008-01-30T12:16:00-06:00

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