U.S. Senator Mark Dayton of Minnesota.

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Actually it is the heat too. It’s been dreadfully hot and humid here and I really don’t like the heat very much. Thankfully we are getting a bit of a respite with regard to temps these last couple of days but I hear according to Jonathan that it will be in the upper 90s come this weekend. Thanks Jonathan!

I’d like to blame my lack of posts on the Minnesota government shutdown but honestly I haven’t noticed that the government has been shut down. I think we are in day 12 or possibly 67 of the shutdown.  I understand that Mark Dayton, in all his wisdom, has chosen to shut down the things in Minnesota that are actually profitable like our racetracks and state parks. They left open the agencies that send out money so if you are waiting for food stamps or some other check you will still get it right on schedule.

My last sentence notwithstanding, I don’t really know who is at fault here. According to Ex#2 it is the greedy Republicans but according to most of the people hanging out at my local coffee shop it’s Mark Dayton. I don’t know and I don’t care. Hell, keep it shut down as far as I am concerned, just so long as they get it going again come September when school is supposed to start.

No, I don’t know who is at fault for this standstill but if I were in charge no one would leave the table until they worked things out and ate all their peas. That’s how we did it at my house.

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