I received this email this morning.

Subject: …..
Name: Maximillian Steel
Email: dumbass@hotmail.com

You are a mindless automaton who has the audacity to call others lemmings when you support the epitome of lemmings, the GOP. So I assume you are a rich person if you are voting for the rich man’s party, If not than your even dumber than I expected. It must be hard to be a complete moron and a hideous ugly beast of a woman. Do the world a favor and hang yourself by your underwear you pathetic excuse for a human being.

Now my first reaction is to correct this guy’s spelling but that’s just being petty.

I’m saddened that we can’t have political debates without taking personal potshots. I might not agree with this guy’s politics (in fact I have no idea who he is) but I would never suggest to anyone that they hang themselves. And sadly that is what so many news sites, Facebook and Twitter are filled with.

The worst thing is that this guy doesn’t know me at all. He’s made all kinds of assumptions about me based on a comment I left on Newsvine. He thinks I am a racist, bigot, homophobic, misogynistic loser. Worse, he won’t even try to learn what I do stand for.


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