A friend of mine, who after just 25 years of knowing me, realized I was a conservative. He actually called me a “Dittohead” which I am not and took considerable offense to, but I did fess up to being a conservative. He asked me why I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton assuming of course that no conservative in their right mind would vote for Hillary Clinton.

“Because I don’t like her.” Not a very intelligent answer but mine nonetheless. I don’t like Hillary. She isn’t a very likeable person as far as I have seen. We already know she doesn’t bake cookies. What is there to like about that? Nice ladies bake cookies, mean ladies don’t. She lies a lot. She stuck by her pig of a husband during the Monica/Gennifer/fill in the blank floozy name scandals.

Actually, I feel sorry for her about all of that. Maybe if she baked some cookies once in a while Bill wouldn’t have to find baked goods elsewhere. I’m just sayin’. I don’t like the way she has been attacking Barack Obama. He’s a nice guy. Anyone can see that right away. You know he bakes cookies and makes homemade play dough for his kids. He’s the kind of guy who makes the Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes on Sunday morning.

It’s a safe bet Hillary has never made Mickey Mouse pancakes. In fact it’s a safe bet that every other candidate campaigning on either side has made Mickey Mouse pancakes, just not Hillary. There is something un-American about not making mouse pancakes. I can’t vote for someone who isn’t an American.