Obama and the Special Olympics

Last night while chatting with fellow Humor Bloggers, Unfinished Rambler, Hussy Housewife, Humor Smith, Quirkyloon, Da Old Man and Dani, I turned on the Jay Leno show. The Humor Bloggers were picking out drapes or something. I asked if anyone was watching our President on the Jay Leno show and just about got kicked out of the chat room. Imagine my surprise, and the surprise

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I Love This Job

I spend a lot of time looking at humorous websites. Most of them can be found at Tribal Blogs.  Because I spend so much time reading funny websites I start to think that all websites are meant to be humorous. It's kind of like reading Dr. Suess and then reading the paper. You try to make everything rhyme and in iambic pentameter. The sensation is

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Meet some of the Humor Bloggers

If you haven't stopped by Humor Bloggers please do so after you have read and commented on this post.I have been a member of The Humor Bloggers now for a while. I tend to lurk more than participate but only because I am still rather intimidated by all these guys and gals. I don't get intimidated easily but these people make funny look easy and

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All is good with Humor Bloggers

Shortly after I posted the last post I received an email saying it was an error and a link to update my profile. Sorry I didn't post the update sooner but my laundry tub exploded. What was it that Rosanne Rosannadanna always said?

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Humor Bloggers doesn’t like me anymore.

I joined Humor Bloggers last month. I participated in the Christmas Carnival of worst gifts ever received. Thanks every one for suggesting what I do with that iron. When Humor Bloggers upgraded the site I received an email saying:Dear Redhead RantingI am happy to announce that Humor Bloggers 2.0 is up and running and now accessible by clicking http://humorbloggers.com!!!However, despite a valiant attempt, and hours

Humor Bloggers doesn’t like me anymore.2009-01-09T09:39:00-06:00

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