Last night while chatting with fellow Humor Bloggers, Unfinished Rambler, Hussy Housewife, Humor Smith, Quirkyloon, Da Old Man and Dani, I turned on the Jay Leno show. The Humor Bloggers were picking out drapes or something. I asked if anyone was watching our President on the Jay Leno show and just about got kicked out of the chat room.

Imagine my surprise, and the surprise of our country, when our President, our Messiah, The One said this about his horrible bowling game,

“That was like the Special Olympics or something.”

President Obama was the first president to be a guest on a late night comedy show. He is also probably the last. Of course he will have to make the rounds now to apologize for his politically incorrect utterance a la Michael Richards and Hugh Grant (who really didn’t say anything wrong but was caught with his stuff where it shouldn’t be).

My first reaction to his stupid and thoughtless comment was great, now we can all go back to making fun of people in completely harmless ways. Not that anyone has stopped but they feel bad about it when they do it. Guilt free kicking a group when they are already down. Woo hoo.

And then I realized what the president had really done. He had admitted that he was part of a crowd that was challenged mentally. Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Tim Geithner and a whole bunch of others round out his team. And there is nothing wrong with being mentally or physically challenged. We’ve had other presidents who were handicapped. Teddy Roosevelt had Polio, and hid it from the country and Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s and hid it from the country. Obama has said he wants a transparent administration so it’s appropriate that he share this news with the rest of the country. Though it’s not like we hadn’t already figured it out in the last 60 days, but it was thoughtful of him anyway.

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