If you haven’t stopped by Humor Bloggers please do so after you have read and commented on this post.

I have been a member of The Humor Bloggers now for a while. I tend to lurk more than participate but only because I am still rather intimidated by all these guys and gals. I don’t get intimidated easily but these people make funny look easy and I know it is not. Maybe it just isn’t for me, I don’t know. I still haven’t been there long enough to know who I need to kiss up to but I’m working on it.

Many have complained recently about not being invited into the cabal. Chelle B takes her comedy seriously. If you aren’t‘ funny then get the hell out is her motto. Well not really but she has high expectations which is a good thing for all of us who contribute. If it were left to the members nothing would get done. Chelle B is militant but we love her anyway. She has to be militant, keeping a bunch of humor writers on track is a lot like herding cats I imagine and all of us are easily distracted. If someone wasn’t telling us what to do we’d never do it.

I haven’t yet met all the members, far from it, but the ones I have are pee in your pants funny. I’m not going to bother talking about Spaz here since he has been getting all sorts of blogger love from everyone, he deserves it but I’m not giving him any right now. Same goes to The Old Man. He gets plenty of love, though not from Mrs Crotchety but I can’t do anything about that. He stops by my site frequently and he always comments so even though I am not giving him blog love today please be sure to check out his blog. Mental Poo is another blog I am not going to mention. I just don’t feel like talking about his penis today. Maybe tomorrow. Ditto for Father Muskrat, but if you haven’t read his post about helmets then you have missed something, I’m not sure what but believe me you’ve missed something.

Another Humor Blogger who stops by my site and comments without fail is Dizzblnd from Soggy Doggy Bloggy. Dizzblnd gives us our weekly fix of Mad Libs. I know we should have all grown out of this decades ago but hell they were fun to play when we were eight and they still are. Sadly we choose the same words, dirty ones our parents wouldn’t let us say, as well as bodily functions and private body parts but that’s the fun of them. Aside from the Mad Lib fix she is trying to get rid her child. I don’t think there are any takers yet but if she keeps trying eventually someone will take him off her hands. It’s hard not to love someone who would sell their own child because it’s something we have all thought about at one time or another. She just does it with style.

I recently stumbled across Late for the Sky. I get this guy in that I really don’t have a clue what the hell he is talking about but it makes me laugh anyway. I do not get the title of his blog, in fact what the hell is that all about? Does he live out by area 51? Did he miss the spaceship? I don’t know, but his ability to link the Zombie Invasion and Tom Daschle made me a fan.

When I need my news fix I go to Out of the Mouth of Dave. Dave’s Super Hero post alone is worth the price of admission. Which is nothing but still worth every penny.

Unfinished Rambler is another Humor Blogger I just can’t get enough of. This is good since he can’t seem to finish a thought or tie up a post. It just keeps going and going. Kinda like that stupid bunny but not nearly as annoying.

Chaotically Calm from Chronicles: A Quarter Life Crisis is one of those bloggers who sneaks up on you and then bitch slaps the funny upside your head. You never see it coming until it is too late. Even though she is a member of generation Y she seems to compensate for it by making fun of every member of her generation, except herself of course. I would not want to get in a fight with this woman.

The HumorSmith is out of work and needs love, from someone other than himself, so this is a pity plug. Seriously, when the economy gets better I hope he still can’t find work. If he does he’ll have to start lifting weights with his left hand for a good month before he can go out in public.

Ettarose from Sanity on Edge is a rare find. She’s the one you call when you only get one phone call. She’s raunchy, and always says things that a nice girl like me couldn’t possibly say out loud. Ettarose Stumbled me a while back before the holidays. I had no idea what Stumble was, I still don’t really understand it, I woke up one morning and checked my blog. My traffic had exploded from three visitors to about 3000 all in about twenty minutes. Since then I have tried to Stumble the losers like me in the hopes of giving them the same shock I got that morning. Sadly I have only two other followers so when I Stumble someone it doesn’t have the same effect as when Ettarose does it but the intent is there.

There are many I have not mentioned but you can find them all at Humor Blogger dot com. Okay, comment and then go over there. Tell Chelle B that Jen sent you.