How to Win at Slots

Image via Wikipedia A couple of weeks ago I left a comment on Babs' post about winning at bingo. I hadn't won at bingo because I don't play bingo but I had won a small fortune on the slot machines and left a brief synopsis of the story on Babs' blog. I hadn't though about that day in a long time. Partly because

How to Win at Slots2011-02-23T12:16:16-06:00

I’m a Sorceress on Algadon

So I started a role playing game recently over at Algadon. Algadon is this fantasy role playing game where you do battles, go on quests and basically hang out with a bunch of geeks. You can even play it on MySpace! I haven't played any kind of game online in a really long time so this was kinda new to me. It's not like Halo

I’m a Sorceress on Algadon2010-07-31T14:10:26-05:00

I Won The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

That's right, I won a million dollars in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I can't believe it. Talk about luck! Of all the people who didn't enter this sweepstakes, I won. And here is the letter that proves it: We the Board of Directors of Publishers Clearing House brings to your notice that your email address just won you One Million Dollars($1,000,000.00 USD) in this

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Talk Dirty To Me

Do you talk dirty to your spouse, significant other or FWB (friend with benefits)? Is it something you both like to do or is one of you more into it? I ask because when not expected it can throw the whole thing. Years ago I was with this guy, a friend I had known for decades. A platonic friendship mainly because we were

Talk Dirty To Me2010-03-02T11:43:40-06:00

Wii Knee and the Power of the Blogosphere

Well, it finally happened. After three years of playing Wii, occasionally, I now have Wii Knee. This is my second Wii injury. My first was a few weeks ago when I knocked the ball out of the park scoring a home run in baseball. I some how managed to scrape the Wii remote against my knuckle and gashed the hell out of it. It's just

Wii Knee and the Power of the Blogosphere2010-02-01T11:46:49-06:00

Stanley’s Hats

We didn't play Wii. Instead daughter wanted to put videos on YouTube. Here is daughter's first video. That is me sneezing in the background.

Stanley’s Hats2010-01-18T13:46:49-06:00

My Interview With Ramble Redhead

My interview with Ramble Redhead has been posted! If you listen closely you can hear my daughter shouting in the background. There's a shout out to HBDC too.

My Interview With Ramble Redhead2009-03-19T11:52:00-05:00

I’m addicted to diet coke

I didn't realize this until I ran out of it. I haven't had a diet coke in over 24 hours and I have a massive headache and I am really tired. I have tried coffee to perk me up but that just gets me too jittery. This sucks. I could run to the store to buy some but frankly I want to know how long

I’m addicted to diet coke2008-12-17T16:00:00-06:00

Right, Left and Center or Why I’m Not Watching Blues Clues

As my daughter and I were heading out to school yesterday, daughter asked if we could go on a bike ride before she was dropped off at school. I said "Not now but at the end of the day". "The end of today?" She asked. "Yes" I said. She immediately started to cry. This was not the I-want-what-I-want-now cry but a fearful, scared cry. I

Right, Left and Center or Why I’m Not Watching Blues Clues2008-04-15T12:29:00-05:00

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