So I started a role playing game recently over at Algadon. Algadon is this fantasy role playing game where you do battles, go on quests and basically hang out with a bunch of geeks. You can even play it on MySpace! I haven’t played any kind of game online in a really long time so this was kinda new to me. It’s not like Halo or WOW, it’s less virtual action and more imaginative action which appeals to me as a writer much more.

Basically the gist of it is you choose your character, and there are many to choose from, and then you start doing things. You can go shopping for armor, which is kinda fun because in real life no one ever wears armor anymore and some of it is really cool. I’d love to walk around with those chain mail things that go on your arms. I bet they weigh a lot, though so maybe it wouldn’t be that fun. But in the game you can wear all the armor you want provided you have the cash or gold for it. If you don’t have enough money fear not, you can search for treasure, or go on quests to earn more gold. And you will need it because armor, spells and healing potions aren’t cheap.

In addition to going on quests, casting spells and wearing really cool armor you can chat with other geeks who are playing the game. You can also send them private messages and join clans.

I’m still new to the game and have spent most of my time searching for treasure and going on low level quests (because I don’t have the proper armor to on big time quests yet). The graphics are pretty cool and the layout of the game is pretty easy to pick up. I like the idea of playing a game such as this because it really stretches my imagination.

Algadon is a free game but they do have a premium membership which costs $25 or 2500 royal credits. In addition to playing the game online they have an app for Myspace, as well as for the iPhone and Android, which is totally cool because you can update your status while mobile.

Go check it out, you can find me easily. I’m the bitchin sorceress who goes by redheadranting.

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