The End of Summer

Image by Mark Sardella via Flickr School starts in exactly one week. I'm so excited I can't even tell you. I can't tell you because now that summer is almost over the kids want to cram every little bit of activity into the remaining days of summer. And at the same time they are bored! My daughter, the one who hates school is looking forward

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Best College Application Guide EVER!!!

My son is going to graduate from high school this year. Our mailbox has been filled with mail from potential colleges wooing him since last summer. Most of the material he receives is rather boring. This one stood out.

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Parent/Teacher Conference

Last week I had a parent/teacher conference for my daughter.  A standard conference, she hasn't done anything to get into trouble. We'd known about the conference for a few weeks and we, as in the daughter, had been pretty worried about the meeting. That she was so concerned about the conference made me a little worried but I figured if she was really in trouble

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Smack Down Part Two

Last November I wrote a post about my daughter and her teacher, you can read it here if you haven't already. Last week my daughter had a few assignments that she brought home to work on. She had a packet of worksheets that she was supposed to complete and return to school. While she was working on her homework she asked for help. She said

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Inappropriate Behavior

Since the school season started my daughter has come home each day announcing that she hates school. She has always hated school just like her brother did and pretty much like I did. So this news that she reports each day after school is not news to me and I pretty much ignore it. She wants to be home schooled but I don't have the

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Smack Down

Today is Kick a Ginger Day. Did anyone else get the memo? I think I am staying inside. I've been kicked enough recently. Yesterday was my daughter's school's annual Thanksgiving lunch for parents and students. I missed the memo on this as it was sent home while my daughter was home with H1N1. I might have actually gotten the note but I rarely read them.

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The kids are back in school!

I wasn't sure this day would ever arrive but it did and it is grand. Both kids were actually excited to get back to school. I know it won't last, but for a day at least they looked their best, promised to act their best and didn't complain when I woke them up. The morning went off without a hitch until I discovered that my

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I’m Ready

I'm ready for the new school year to begin. Not that I have gotten all the school supplies needed or new clothes for the kids. In fact, in that regard I am woefully unprepared. But, I am ready for them to get back to school. I am ready for them to get out of my house. Too bad they both aren't going off to college

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