West Ward School
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School starts in exactly one week. I’m so excited I can’t even tell you. I can’t tell you because now that summer is almost over the kids want to cram every little bit of activity into the remaining days of summer. And at the same time they are bored! My daughter, the one who hates school is looking forward to go back to school. Each day she asks me if it is September yet. This won’t last into the school year for more than a week if I am lucky but for now it is nice to see that she wants to go back.

I’m looking forward to the new school year for the obvious reason, I want to get some work done without interruption. I want to write a sentence without someone standing next to me waiting for my fingers to stop moving so they can ask me a stupid question. Seriously, I have been asked I don’t know how many times if a certain someone can go to the bathroom. That, my friends, is someone who is not only bored but obviously needs a little attention.

I have spoken the words put the cat down more times than I can count and yet the cat still approaches the one who picks her up and carries her around. Stupid cat.

I’ve had enough of the thunderstorms and enough of my neighbors lighting off fire crackers which send my stupid dog into hysterics, and under my desk.

And while I am not looking forward to all the things I must buy in the coming months, wrapping paper, bows, Christmas wreathes, chocolates and all that other stuff that the school sends home with the kids to raise funds, I am looking forward to getting the kids out of the house.

This year back to school is bitter sweet. My son is starting his senior year in high school which means college is next which means he will be living in the dorms. I will miss him. He has informed me that if he goes to the University in the next city he will be home often – because “no one washes my clothes as well as you do, mom”.


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