Last week I had a parent/teacher conference for my daughter.  A standard conference, she hasn’t done anything to get into trouble. We’d known about the conference for a few weeks and we, as in the daughter, had been pretty worried about the meeting. That she was so concerned about the conference made me a little worried but I figured if she was really in trouble I would have had a note or something and there hasn’t been any. Daughter has been asking for the last couple of weeks if I plan to ground her after the parent/teacher conference so I wasn’t going into it expecting to hear rave reviews.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she is doing extremely well.  She is excelling in all of her coursework.

I was not surprised to learn that she has turned into the class clown and that she chats a little too much.

We aren’t here today to discuss my daughter’s mastery of first grade, however.

During the review of her homework I learned the answer to this problem:

Remember this? If you don’t you can catch up here.

I received a whole bunch of really great answers but none of them were any better than her answer, which was wrong.

The answer is:


Apparently the | represents 10 and the . represents 1. There is also a square which represents 100. The teacher even showed me the plastic toys that the kids used to figure out the problem.

Too bad she never sent home the directions.

When I asked her the answer to this problem specifically, and I told her that I didn’t get it, her response to me was:

“Well, she should know how to do it.”

To fully appreciate her response you really need to read the original post if you haven’t already.

After I learned the answer to the problem I mentally spaced out, the rest really didn’t matter to me all that much. I was told about my daughter’s new found sarcasm to which I laughed (inappropriately) and I reminded that she is a wee bit stubborn. Like I didn’t know that already.

There was no grounding, no need for it but if there had, I wouldn’t have because I was so tickled to finally learn the answer to this stupid first grade math problem that had been bothering me for at least six weeks.

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