Last November I wrote a post about my daughter and her teacher, you can read it here if you haven’t already.

Last week my daughter had a few assignments that she brought home to work on. She had a packet of worksheets that she was supposed to complete and return to school. While she was working on her homework she asked for help. She said she didn’t know what she was supposed to do. I looked at the work sheet and couldn’t make out what she was supposed to do either. From the work sheet I gathered there was a book involved but she didn’t have the book, it was a school book to be used in class.

Instead of trying to explain the situation I’ll just show you.

The work sheet first came home with “Do all pages marked do” in red and underlined. The second sheet had nothing written in it when it first came home so don’t let that confuse you.

As you can see there are no directions. And I still don’t know what she is supposed to do.

When school began this fall both her dad and I went to the open house and met the teacher. We got a large folder of what was expected of us and our daughter over the course of the school year. We were expected to spend half an hour with her each day on homework.

You all know how I feel about first graders getting homework and how that just means homework for me. You know I kinda resent this a little bit.

But I try to do my part without doing her work.

I still don’t know what the fuck she is supposed to do with her homework.

Last night she had this work sheet.

Most of it I get but the last one I have no idea. It’s been a while since I took first grade math. I’m pretty sure the math they do in first grade is the stuff I was doing in third grade which is when my brain decided math was not a necessity and ignored it.

My daughter also didn’t know what to do with the | and . so she guessed. Not a bad guess but I am sure she will get hell for it today.

She also suggested that we call the teacher and ask her what she is supposed to do.

No way.

After getting a response like I did the last two times I am not going to ask her for help. We’ll make up our own assignments before we do that again.

Is it too much to expect to have directions with the homework? Seriously, I want to help her, and I suspect had she been paying attention in class she might actually know what to do, but by homework time she would have forgotten anyway.

When I cook something that I don’t usually cook I read the recipe. Even if I have cooked it several times I don’t remember all the ingredients or how much of them I need to use.

I know my daughter will pay for my writing about all of this. I really tried not to post about this. I couldn’t help it. Do you guys and gals have any idea how this homework is to be completed?

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the end of first grade. Again.

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