Yesterday, in a flurry of energy I decided to make chicken chili. Ok, I didn’t have much energy my shoulder was a bit achy from traveling and the change in weather, but I had thawed chicken so I really didn’t have much choice – I had to make something with it and chicken chili seemed like a good idea on a cold day.

You know how you get an idea and then it seems like a good idea and even if you realize you can’t pull it off,  you stick with it because now that’s all you want?

That’s what happened to me. I didn’t have most of the necessary ingredients for chicken chili. I had ingredients for regular chili, but I hadn’t thawed out any ground beef, and needed to use up the chicken. I had red beans, not white beans and someone used up the cream cheese so even though I was still going to make this mash up chili with chicken and red beans and nothing to thicken it up I was still moving forward.

Going to the store was more effort than I wanted to make because the gear shift is still challenging and sometimes painful. I didn’t want to make the effort to put on shoes and wearing a coat hurts. So I didn’t go to the store to get the two ingredients I needed.

It wouldn’t have mattered much, I still over did it.

Turns out cutting half thawed chicken into bite sized pieces and opening four cans of beans and corn was way more than my shoulder was up for. This is a positive, a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t squeeze the can opener together let alone turning the part you have to turn.

It had been one week since I popped any Tylenol, I still have pain, but it was bearable. After making chili it was not bearable. I popped two ‘fast acting’ Tylenol and watched the clock.

The pain isn’t just in my shoulder. It’s all down my arm – my forearm and wrist mostly, but also my neck and back. It just radiates out.

After about 45 minutes I noticed the edge of the screaming pain had been taken off, though it still ached at about a 6.

I turned off the chili – I lost any bit of appetite I had – and went to bed even though I knew sleep would be elusive.

Today is a wash. I did a few hours of work knowing that typing and sitting up would wear me out. I popped two more Tylenol even though I knew it wouldn’t make much of a difference. I called my physical therapist and canceled my appointment because I don’t want to drive and make it worse. I just want to go to bed.

Everyone has warned me about overdoing it, who knew opening a few cans and cutting chicken into bite size pieces would be considered overdoing it. I hate this.

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