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I Made Kale Chips and They Were OK

This summer I tried my hand at growing kale. I have this wonderful raised garden from A Backyard Farm, that I've been lucky enough to harvest all kinds of wonderful vegetables from each year. Usually the beans take over and the cilantro goes to seed far too early. This year I skipped the beans (though there were several volunteers left over from last year and

I Made Kale Chips and They Were OK2020-08-10T19:55:27-05:00

Hand Surgery Went Well, Thank You

You've no idea how long it has taken me to write that title, or this sentence for that matter. Turns out typing is considerably more difficult when you've recently had hand or wrist surgery. It's not just the hand I had surgery on that is making mistakes, apparently the affliction travels to the surgery free hand. Oh, there's a photo in this post that might

Hand Surgery Went Well, Thank You2020-08-10T19:54:42-05:00

How To Fix Your AirPods

I'm a Mac. Remember those old commercials? Wow, time does fly. Anyway, I love Mac products, it is one of the hills I am willing to die on so don't even bother arguing with me that there's a better option. For the most part Mac products are work horses and I have consistently gotten more than the average use of them. What I mean

How To Fix Your AirPods2020-08-10T19:53:28-05:00

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