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Which is Better Oreck or Dyson?

January 7, 2013
Oreck Vac


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Some of you may remember that I have a little Dyson Envy of Margaret and her two Dysons. I believe she got one as a door prize years ago at Blogher and didn’t bother to give it away. Not that I would have either but do you really need two?

Anyway, I’ve wanted a Dyson for a long time even though I have a really good vacuum. I have an Oreck and it usually works great but it’s not as sexy as a Dyson so I want a Dyson. Kinda like I want a Mercedes.

Now, I’m not gonna pluck down $500 for a Dyson or pay that much each month in a car payment for a Mercedes. Even if I could I wouldn’t because there are so many other better things I could waste my money on. I can’t think of any right now but I am sure there are better things than sexy vacuums and over priced (but totally awesome) vehicles.

It doesn’t matter because I have an Oreck.

And while Dyson might be all British accenty and sexy you can’t get a muppet to service them on a Sunday morning without calling in advance.

I noticed my vacuum wasn’t picking up anything off the carpet. It could get the stuff off the hardwood floor but it would leave most of the hair and stuffing from the dog toys on the rug. I tried cleaning the roller and checked to see if anything was clogging the tube to no avail.

The only thing left to do was bring it to my Oreck shop in Roseville and see if they could figure out the problem.

The problem was I was in a hurry and I am impatient. I just wanted to drop it off, get a loaner and head on out.

But Bob, the muppet like assistant manager was having none of that. He quickly assessed the problem and went about fixing it. Turns out the roller doohicky thingy was bad. I don’t know how it was bad because I had just replaced it a few months ago but I took his word for it. Bob didn’t think anyone should have to deal with a bad roller thingy and swiped it out. While he was at it he also changed the baseplate thing that basically is the bottom of the vacuum and got all the burned hair that accumulates on the thing that keeps the roller in place. I think he even replaced the belt. He did all of this within five minutes and he did it for no charge.

Now if I had a sexy Dyson I’d have had to make a call or 15, troubleshoot the problem, find an authorized service center (which would have turned out to be my Oreck store) and then schedule a time to drop it off, hope they had a loaner, and then wait two weeks to get it back if it could be fixed.

So the lesson is if you live in the Twin Cities and are thinking about getting a new vacuum go out to the Roseville Oreck store and buy one from Bob the muppet.


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  • I know Bob, and that is him in a nutshell. The next time you are in the store, ask to read one of his short stories to pass the time. He’s an award-winning writer, too. I know, because we were both up for the same award, and he won. πŸ™‚

  • Jen, I just wanted to take a second to say thanks for the great writeup. I showed it to my boss and he was ecstatic. I’m really glad to hear your machine is working well now and that you enjoyed the service you received on your visit. Minor point of clarification for your readers; roller brushes-ie the spiny thing most people think of as a beater bar- are normally not warranty items. In your case both it and the base plate were defective so I was happy to swap them out. Normally there’s a $40 charge for each component. That being said, whenever possible my colleagues and I are always pleased to service a machine as quickly as circumstances allow. We all understand how important it is to have a working vacuum at home. Just one question; when did you snap that shot of me you used in your article? I only ask because the family portrait my wife and I had done professionally as Christmas present for her mom isn’t as flattering πŸ˜‰ . Have a great day and be sure to let us know if we can help you out with anything in the future.
    Muppet Bob

    • Hey Bob sorry I didn’t see this earlier. You have totally crashed my site with all the traffic. And it’s awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the story and the link. Now ask them to like my Facebook Fan page for my book MN Nice.

      Minnesota Nice


      I’m so glad this post made it all the way to your CEO and that he was pleased. You did a great job and I will always own Orecks for that reason. Good customer service is a great thing, amazing customer service is hard to find and deserves to be publicized.

  • Dang! You get a muppet to service your vacuum? I confess I have a Dyson, although not the sexy roller ball one. I’ve never used an Oreck, but I’ve got to say I heart my Dyson. I got the super-duper-pet-hair-picker-upper one and it works like a charm.

    • Tell you what Boom Boom. Swing on by the store some time and ask for me or Kevin the boss. We’ll let you test drive one and if you ever decide it’s time to get a new machine, we’re always happy to take Dysons as trade-ins and give a discount on a new machine. Have a great weekend and stay warm πŸ™‚

  • Sorry, Jen. Team Dyson over here!

  • ruxxell

    saw this on!

  • maths2

    came here via notalwaysright
    nice to see good customers, and good customer service agents working together

  • William Maldonado

    I work Customer Service and talk about my many frustrations at my blogs. It’s really good to see great writeups like these for good service. Bob deserves it and you deserve the traffic.

  • I just read about this on NotAlwaysRight…very cool story!

  • Another visitor coming from NotAlwaysRight. Good actions must be rewarded, be it from the employee, be it from the customer.

  • Got here from NotAlwaysRight. This is why I miss living in Minnesota. Great guys like Bob make the Twin Cities awesome.

  • justafan

    Saw this on!

  • Sunfire

    Saw this on notalwaysright! Have a good one! Thanks for posting a story about good customer service and thank you for being such a great customer!

  • Bri

    I also saw this on!

  • Dayanara

    I came over from NAR, too. Love the picture! This whole entry just tickles me pink. πŸ˜€

  • Mandy

    Obligatory comment: and I’m an Oreck user myself.

  • max

    How you two treated eachother makes this world a lot better

  • I saw this on… I was excited because awesome customers and awesome employees are hard to come by and you and muppet Bob are both awesome. Plus I used to work in Roseville so I was excited to know where this story took place too!

  • Saw this on NotAlwaysRight. As a CS rep myself, it makes me so happy to see stories and recognition like this, and as somebody with ridiculously long (red! ^_^) hair I know how important it is to keep your vacuum happy, and what a fantastic thing Bob did there. You both score 500 awesomepoints.

  • Anonymous
    Your good deed did not go unappreciated! You’re awesome.

  • Rebecca

    Hey hey here from not always right πŸ™‚ You are a wonderful lady just so you know!

  • Goku

    Got here from notalwaysright… I wonder why that story was there. It’s neither funny nor stupid, but it’s still a good story nonetheless.

  • Erich Backhus

    Found this on NotAlwaysRight! I myself own a Kirby and a Shark Professional (Series 592Q from QVC) and the shark makes the Kirby look like a DustBuster! My wife and I have a cleaning company and lately we’ve been working on make-ready work in apartments. Even after new carpet is installed and steam-vacced the Shark still gets a full bin of dust and other cruddies.

  • FrΓΈya J. Brox

    Bit late but came here from
    Go Muppet Bob! And good to hear about customers like you every once in a while Jen (;