Blogging is a great way to meet new people. I’ve met many wonderful people in my many years of blogging but none so interesting as Bob. I met Bob a few years ago when my Oreck vacuum broke down. I took it to the now closed Oreck store in Roseville, MN and he fixed it with charm, wit, humor and for free. He provided such wonderful customer service that I wrote about him in the smack down between Oreck and Dyson. Thanks to Bob’s wonderful customer service Oreck won hands down.

Bob and I have kept in contact since then even though he has moved on to other digs. Thankfully my Oreck is still running just as well as when he fixed it or I’d be hauling it to his house for service.

The reason I’m introducing you to Bob again is that he is finally going to build his own business. Instead of doing great customer service for other businesses he’s going to risk it all and open up his own game shop called Shamrock Games.

However, Bob’s like most of us and doesn’t have access to the start up capital necessary to fund his dream — which is where you come in. Bob is hosting a crowd funding project for Shamrock Games on If you’d like to help a great guy reach his lifelong dream of owning his own game store then please consider making a donation to his campaign. Any donation is accepted from $1 to any amount larger than that.

Please help Bob reach his goal and open Shamrock Games.