I can’t be the only one whose blog traffic has dropped so significantly in the last few months, right? Has Google done some new changes to its algorithm? Surely it couldn’t be because I only write a new post about once a month. Hell, I’ve been doing that for years.

Is blogging dead? I can’t believe that to be true. While I know the original group of bloggers I came up with are mostly not blogging, and those that are have found a niche that is more geared to stuff people want to read, there must be popular blogs out there about nothing in particular, right?

A Seinfeld blog if you will.

I miss blogging, I miss the camaraderie of other bloggers. While I keep in contact with them on Facebook, it’s not the same. I miss blogs like Too Many Mornings (I’d link to it, but it doesn’t exist anymore), The Junk Drawer, Nanny Goats in Panties, so many others.

If you’re still blogging, leave your blog URL in the comments so I can add them to my blogroll.

I really hate Facebook. It squelched so many wonderful writers and we willingly went along with it for the ride. And sure, many of these people are still writing posts on Facebook, it’s not the same. You cannot write/type on Facebook the way you can on your own blog, there simply isn’t the capability to format it properly. No bold fonts, no italics, you can’t change the size of color of the font and you can’t insert images between text.

And yet everyone who used to not only produce some kick ass writing AND had a huge following has quit updating their blogs. 

I rock at least 8 other blogs. Many are niche blogs, some are whimsical, and some are just places I wanted to write where no one knew me. 

Remember when you first started blogging, when you had no audience at all? Remember how you still wrote some of the best stuff EVER?

I do. And I miss it so much some times. Other times I think it might be time to shut down Redhead Ranting. I don’t have a whole lot to rant about these days. If I did it gets drowned out by all the bitching, complaining, piling on and shaming that goes on on social media. Shallow stuff really.

I’m not even sure how it happened. That’s not true, of course it is so much easier to stay on one webpage and just scroll rather than type in a multitude of different web addresses. It’s even more inconvenient if you’re on your phone.

I wonder how much Facebook has to do with the drop in my traffic?

If you’ve promoted your content on Facebook using their ads have you noticed your traffic from Google goes down? I have. When my Facebook traffic is high because I have paid to promote the content my organic Google traffic tanks.

At the moment I am getting most of my traffic from Pinterest, but I suspect that will change too.

What have you noticed about your blog traffic? Is it as good as ever, worse than ever, better than ever? And if so what are you doing about it?