There has been a lot in the media lately about how the media has treated Sarah Palin unfairly. That they have been far more critical of her than they have ever been of Barack Obama. This doesn’t surprise me. I knew that whoever John McCain chose as his running mate would be held under a microscope. What has surprised me is the reaction of the liberal feminists.

On many blogs I have read rant after rant about how Sarah Palin left her infant son, with Downs Syndrome no less, just three days after giving birth to go back to work. They have criticized her for being a working mom with five kids. I guess when the feminist movement was talking about women having it all they only meant the ones on the left side of the aisle. I find this incredibly hypocritical.

I blame the feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s for singlehandedly eroding our society. We have the feminists to thank for our incredibly high divorce rate, our latchkey kids, younger and younger drug use among teens, escalating sexually transmitted diseases, our disenfranchised men, and the Bratz Dolls.

The feminists made a huge mistake when they said that women could have it all. They failed to mention that there would be a cost associated with having it all and that their daughters and sons would have to pay for it. I have not been able to have it all. I have struggled with being a mom and having to work and finding good affordable help with raising my kids. I am divorced and a single mom and no matter how you slice it there is no having it all when you are raising children alone. There is no extra money for extra things or vacations, not that it would matter since there is no one to take those vacations with and if there were there would be no one to watch the kids while gone. But I digress. Feminists threw husbands and children under the bus.

Sarah Palin seems to have managed to have it all or at least find a way to make what she has work. I have no doubt that most of that is due in no small part to her husband Todd. While I would not choose to go back to work three days after giving birth I don’t mind if someone else does. Wasn’t that one of the cornerstones of the feminist movement, choice?

I can understand the liberals going after Sarah Palin for her religious beliefs or her pro-life stance however it still boils down to that of choice. She has the right to be pro-life, she has the right to attend any church she chooses. What I find so disappointing about the liberals is that they believe in freedom to choose but only so long as one chooses their beliefs.