Here are my thoughts about who dies in the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead airing this Sunday April 3rd, 2016.

First of all – SPOILERS – if you aren’t caught up on season 6 of The Walking Dead, then turn back now. I don’t have insider knowledge of the TV show but I have read the comics and will be including spoilers from that.

There are all kinds of theories about who dies in the season finale of TWD, so let’s get to it.


I don’t think Glen dies at the end of the season or at the end of Lucille, Negan’s bat. I think the great Glen Under the Dumpster Death Fakeout was a way to test the waters on killing off such a beloved character. Glen dies in the comics, at this point it is no secret, but in the comics many of the other characters don’t exist or have died already including Carol and Morgan. We all love Glen so his death would be horrible, he is the moral compass of the show. But, we don’t know much more about him than that he delivered pizzas before the dead started walking. I suspect the writers have more of a story for Glen in coming seasons. Especially since he’s going to be a dad.


Last week’s episode ended with Maggie on the floor curled up clutching her abdomen. The implication is that she is losing the baby. Let’s face it, in a post apocalyptic world a miscarriage can be deadly. While it is possible a dead baby inside of her could turn and start eating its way out the fetus is only about 2 months old. Basically the size of a kidney bean. Even at full term the child wouldn’t have teeth or control of muscles sufficiently to harm her. I think Maggie is safe for now at least. I also think the pregnancy is fine. I suspect she ate some bad pickles.


Many people believe Daryl is going to die on Sunday because Norman Reedus has another show in the works on AMC. The Norman Reedus Show is about Norman riding the backroads of the country on his motorcycle with interesting guests. Sort of a redneck version of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. So far they’ve filmed 6 episodes. We all know there will be riots if Daryl dies so I think he is safe too. Not because AMC is worried about riots, but because I don’t believe they’ll kill him off until they get more feedback about his new show. I love Norman Reedus but mostly because of his character Daryl. I’m not sure I’d be interested in watching him ride his bike across country each week. Daryl is a big reason people watch TWD and he hasn’t had his story arc yet so I think he’s safe for at least another season. The success of The Norman Reedus show depends on him staying alive on TWD.

Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics so they don’t have to kill him off. He’s one of the most fascinating characters out there, along with Carol, so it behooves the writers to keep him around to see where his character takes them and us.


I just read a post on Fan Fest where the author postulates that Carol is the one who dies. And while he gives a lot of great reasons for why shy might die it seems he’s based it on how the writers have written out characters in the past. Specifically if a character has been the focus of the series for any long term arc they inevitably get killed off. Beth had her arc and her death was devastating, mostly because it was so unexpected. We got to know her a little while on the road with Daryl so it made her death more poignant. I actually cried when she died. The reality is the loss of her character hasn’t really altered the show much. She wasn’t much more than a babysitter and if she had lived would have been killed when Jesse and her kids got bit, if not sooner.

I don’t think Carol dies for many reasons. Mostly because I don’t want her to die more than anyone other character on the show. Carol dies early on in the comics, while her daughter Sofia lives. That was back in Season 2 so the writers have been crafting Carol’s story that whole time. I dare say The Walking Dead is more of a story about Carol than it is about Rick. She’s certainly more interesting and has been on a bigger journey than he has. Carol has grown exponentially during the show. Melissa McBride does a wonderful job portraying this woman who believed she was weak but learns that isn’t the reality, that was just the story she told herself for so long.

Carol’s story is just beginning and it is only when you look back at several of the older episodes where you realize how long her transformation has been in the works. She became a major character when she killed Karen and David. She kills them because they are infected with some disease that infects and kills quickly. Right or wrong, she did it in hopes of preventing an outbreak of the virus. It didn’t work and when Rick found out what she had done he turned her out. Of course she came back and saved everyone from certain death in a spectacular fashion at Terminus. Prior to Terminus she was forced to kill Lizzie who had just killed her sister because she was slightly batshit crazy. When Carol kills it’s because she is trying to do the right thing and yet at this point in the story she can’t kill anymore.

Carol and Morgan are on opposite sides of the same coin. Carol knows she has to kill if she is going to live in a community with other people. She understands there is no way around that fact and leaves because of it. Morgan believes one can just refuse to kill; that all life is precious, something he learned from Eastman (a character I wish we’d gotten to spend a lot more time with). Eastman isolated himself because he understood it was necessary to do so if one wasn’t going to kill anymore.

Carol dies early in the comics so her character has really had an opportunity to grow which is another reason I don’t think she will die on Sunday. She is writing her own story, much like Daryl.


I think the odds are good that Abraham will die at the end of the season. I’m not sure he’s the one who dies by Lucille but they’ve been setting him up for a fall all season. He’s finally found some joy in life so it seems fitting that it gets taken away. Also, even Eugene understands his services are no longer needed.


Morgan has a very different story in the comics, he is almost a background character except for a brief fling with Michonne. The storyline about his refusal to kill isn’t part of the comics. Morgan as portrayed in this world simply doesn’t belong. If someone from Alexandria doesn’t take him out, someone else who isn’t as kind certainly will. While Carol is trying desperately to isolate herself so she doesn’t have to kill (and so far that really isn’t working too well for her) Morgan thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. I don’t know if he will get killed, but I know he should get killed. I can’t see where his story can go. All the promo material has Morgan pitted against Rick, as if it comes to a head. Maybe it does in finale. I’m betting Morgan doesn’t make it to season 7.

So who is going to die in the Season Six Finale of The Walking Dead?

We all believe it’s going to be a major character because they usually end a season with someone beloved dying, except they don’t. More often than not it is the mid season finally when the adored character dies. I don’t think that’s any reason to hang your hat or mine on no one dying, but it could be a lesser character like Sasha, Rosita, Fr. Gabriel…

We do know that someone gets beat with Lucille the bat. We know this because there is a leaked audio file of the scene and it’s pretty gruesome.

I have no idea who dies and it wouldn’t surprise me if they filmed several different endings just to keep everyone guessing.

Who do you think dies at the end of Season Six in the Walking Dead?