This week I had the pleasure of meeting another celebrity! This time I got to actually meet the celebrity and not just stare from a distance.  I was invited to sit down with Katie Cazorla from TV Guide Network’s reality show The Nail Files.

Katie is a stitch. If you haven’t had a chance to catch her show, now in it’s second season, you are missing a good time. Locally it’s broadcasted Sundays at 8pm on Comcast Channel 127.

Here’s the blurb from the publicist:

From the creators of “Jersey Shore,” “Nail Files” on TV Guide Network follows Katie Cazorla, a young blonde bombshell who owns Hollywood’s fastest growing celebrity-filled nail salon while juggling her relationship with Walter Afanasieff, a Grammy® award-winning music legend who’s written and produced hits for Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion and is 20 years her senior.  The series follows high-spirited and energetic Katie as she aspires to take The Painted Nail to the next level.  With the support of Walter and her ever-present best friend Amy, Katie hosts gifting suites at the Sundance Film Festival and The Oscars®, walks the red carpet at the Grammys® Awards, launches her Spring line of polishes, and handles her celebrity clients all while placating her trouble-making staff.  Katie’s life may seem glamorous, but keeping all the balls in the air without stumbling is a daily challenge.

I was asked to meet Katie (and get a free manicure!!) a couple of months back, before the kids were out of school. I was thrilled to do it, added it to my calendar and then promptly forgot all about it. Next thing you know it’s Labor Day and my phone is reminding me that I have this gig the next day.


Totally unprepared for this and with not any time to sit down and watch a few episodes or even do a proper Google search I consider blowing the whole thing off.

This was Tuesday, the first day that the kids were both back in school and I had the house to myself to actually get some real, quality work done. At least until ex#2 called and asked if I could drive him all around town to pick up a tire for his truck which had broken an axle or something like that which kept it in the shop while he used my car (cuz I’m nice like that and he bought me lunch) for the past week and which I had only gotten back two days earlier.

So there was a strong pull to skip the whole thing but then I looked at my nails and decided that my fingers were more important.

I took care of driving the ex around and then rushed back to the house to find something half way decent to wear. All that my brain could remember about the Katie and the Nail Files was a young blonde bombshell in Hollywood.

Talk about intimidation.

And, I  have nothing to wear. I can’t remember the last time I left my house to do anything other than go to the grocery store or pick up a child at an activity. Neither of those things require much more than sweats and flip flops.

I had to dig through the closet to find something that wasn’t torn, stained or just plain ugly.

I probably changed my mind four times before settling on a black rayon thing. So what that it was 95 degrees out? I worked myself into a near panic attack about meeting Katie and even had to call Cardiogirl to talk me down a bit.

It was all for nothing. Katie was about as down to earth as anyone I have ever met (she’s still a blonde bombshell but she doesn’t act like it at all).

Katie Cazorla, Katie Cazorla from the Nail Files, TV Guide Network reality star

She made me feel totally at ease and even when she scolded me for not actually watching her show she was still very nice.

Katie must have thought I was a total loser when I mentioned I hadn’t ever done an interview before. I had jotted down a bunch of questions that I wanted to know (and that totally gave away the fact that I hadn’t watched the show yet). Things like who has the best nails, who are some of your celebrity clients (LeVar Burton, Carnie Wilson, Allison Sweeney and some other people I had never heard of which doesn’t mean they aren’t celebrities, just that they aren’t celebrities from the 80s).

After those questions we just got to talking and I learned that she did stand up for ten years. While I was inside the mobile nail salon I got to watch her stand up on video and this girl is funny. She also does a spot on Drew Barrymore.

Katie was traveling around the country promoting her show and part of that promotion was to give manicures in the mobile manicure vehicle. All were local and I promised to do a shout out to the ladies who were doing the manicures for Katie in Minnesota.

Jontelle from Hair Envy in Long Lake, MN

Crystal from Premier Salons of Macy’s in Maplewood, MN

Shay from K. Simone in Minneapolis, MN

Check out this video. If I’d done my homework this is the interview I would have had.


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