Today the kids at my daughter’s school are having a Thanksgiving day lunch. They invited parents and/or grandparents to feast on chicken and stuffing with them. I have been to many of these events in my 15 years of motherhood and decided that since ex #2 has been laid off for the season he can attend. I filled out the invitation for him saying he would be there.

He called this morning to find out what time the luncheon was. I looked it up and told him. He then asked where it was being held.

Me: In the cafeteria.

Him: Where is the cafeteria?

Me: Right when you walk in the door.

Him: Left or right, do you have a room number?

Me: It’s right when you walk in the door. Just keep walking and you will be in the cafeteria. Not left or right. Haven’t you been inside the school?

Him: Why do the teachers do these kinds of activities? Is it just to make the parents look stupid?

I didn’t answer him, I just silently waited for what I knew was coming next.

Him: So, I’ll pick you up in about a half hour?

Me: I’m not going. I only signed one of us up for this event.

Him: Oh, ok.

The luncheon should be over by now. I will probably be getting a phone call pretty soon. There is also a parent/child dance tomorrow night. I asked if he wanted to go and he said he would but was not going to dance since he might sweat. Whatever. I’m glad he is going to these things even if he really doesn’t want to all that much.