Why I Don’t Work in The Corporate World Anymore

Title: Technical Writer General Job Purpose: Maintain and ensure document integrity, readability and consistency, and provide information and challenge current systems to best utilize document/written communication technologies. General Responsibilities:  1. Exercises a high degree of technical autonomy, while actively promoting and participating in cross-functional teamwork environments. 2. Performs analyses to develop document clarity, consistency, formatting and readability. 3. Takes a leading role in providing technical

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On Writing

Image via Wikipedia OMFG I had to get Tori Spelling off the front page! I couldn't look at her or her funny boobs and necklace anymore. I'm so sorry I put you all through that for so long. I am almost finished with my book! I have also learned a whole lot about writing a book: You might be able to put links in ebooks

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Redhead Ranting is the rantings of a frazzled, twice divorced mother of two who freelances and cares for two stupid dogs while writing her memoir against incredible and unbelievable odds (but will make a wonderful book one day).

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