Title: Technical Writer

General Job Purpose:
Maintain and ensure document integrity, readability and consistency, and provide information and challenge current systems to best utilize document/written communication technologies.

General Responsibilities: 

1. Exercises a high degree of technical autonomy, while actively promoting and participating in cross-functional teamwork environments.
2. Performs analyses to develop document clarity, consistency, formatting and readability.
3. Takes a leading role in providing technical information concerning documents and document systems, and challenges current systems (advantages and limitations) to best utilize changes in document/written communication technologies.
4. Selects techniques to solve document and document system problems and makes sound recommendations.
5. Demonstrates and actively promotes high levels of professional technical writing discipline/rigor.
6. Technical influence is evident beyond departmental boundaries for matter of plant-wide interest.
7. Has significant expertise in associated quality and document requirements and is thoroughly familiar with the pertinent regulatory requirements.
8. Is a focal point for continuous improvement efforts and the pursuit of document excellence in the department.
9. Is an influential team member, fully motivated to achieve and demonstrate best practices in line with the department and site objectives.
10. Gives technical writing guidance to junior technical writers, engineers and technicians.

**Project Specific Responsibilities:
– Works with cross-functional areas to develop policies and procedures supporting the Quality System or other regulatory requirements.
– Facilitates meetings and keeps track of project deliverables and schedule as needed Serves as business analyst on business process improvement projects Develops documentation concepts/drafts and presents to stakeholders for review and approval.
– Provides guidance and consultation on best documentation practices
– Develops training material and conducts training sessions as needed.

– Bachelor’s degree + 5 years of experience, or Master’s degree + 3 years of experience
– 5+ years of experience in a medical device or highly regulated industry.
– Experience with writing policies and procedures and Quality System documentation is preferred
– Strong leadership and communication skills, customer orientation and ability to work effectively in a team environment

**Interested candidates should email a resume in MS Word format**

I’d try to break this down but I can’t read for more than two bullet points before my eyes roll back in my head and my brain wants to explode. From what I can decipher they basically want you to be able to write, edit and show up on time. Why they needed 10 bullet points to say that is beyond my pay scale and probably why I don’t work in a cube anymore.

I need a masters degree just to understand the job listing.  I don’t know who wrote this but I bet they are no fun at parties. Hopefully they will be allowed to remove the pole from up their ass once they leave the company.

What amuses me most about this job listing is the last line:

Strong leadership and communication skills, customer orientation and ability to work effectively in a team environment

Do you really think they are looking for strong leadership skills? Unless you are an officer in the corporation you are not allowed to lead at all. Team players are what they want – kiss ass, suck up, team players who do what they are told. Leaders need not apply.