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OMFG I had to get Tori Spelling off the front page! I couldn’t look at her or her funny boobs and necklace anymore. I’m so sorry I put you all through that for so long.

I am almost finished with my book!

I have also learned a whole lot about writing a book:

You might be able to put links in ebooks but they don’t work so well in a regular book, you have to actually explain the reference or leave it out.

My house has never been so clean as it has been while writing this book.

While writing a book, especially for first time authors who don’t have an agent, don’t start trying to figure that part out until after you have written the last page. I went into panic mode last week when I Googled editors and agents. A big thank you to JD from I Do Things and Marie at Nourish for explaining a lot about the process and what is really needed when it comes to editing.

Evidently it is helpful to play a lot of solitaire while writing.

Keep a notebook or use your voice recording option on your phone for ideas when you can’t get to your computer, sometimes you won’t remember that great idea five minutes later.

The best ideas come to me when I am no where near my computer.

I miss blogging, a lot.

Tori Spelling is no excuse for ignoring your blog.

Writing is hard.

My house is really clean.

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