Heart Deco Valentine’s Day Roll Cake

My daughter is all about roll cakes and she made this one. She'd been making roll cakes for years, in fact it was a matcha roll cake that was her first ever scratch cake she made. Talk about jumping into the deep end!  This is a relatively easy cake to make, but there are a lot of steps so make sure you have time or

Heart Deco Valentine’s Day Roll Cake2020-01-25T17:26:15-06:00

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts – Ever!

If you're looking for ideas for the best Valentine's Day gifts - ever, then you're in luck. I've been writing about Valentine's Day gifts for as long as I've had a blog and I know all there is to successful gift giving for this blasted holiday.  Click here to learn about the Top 5 Worst Valentine’s Day Presents? Or click here for past Best Valentine’s Day Presents.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts – Ever!2017-02-08T14:52:30-06:00

How to Incorporate Fifty Shades of Grey into Your Sex Life

If you’re among the hundreds of millions who have seen or read Fifty Shades of Grey, you’re probably left with one burning question: how do I get my sex life to look more like that? As Elite Daily reports, those living in NYC or LA can put their name on a (very long, we’re sure) list for a one-of-a-kind sexual experience straight out of the

How to Incorporate Fifty Shades of Grey into Your Sex Life2015-02-18T09:10:36-06:00

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 1*

It's been a whole day without wine and chocolate. I feel ok but it's winter outside and that makes me want to carb load. Yesterday was worse because I had to shovel 4 inches of wet snow (my neighbor was kind enough to do the front but I still had to do the back - I have awesome neighbors!) but it was the beginning of

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 1*2014-02-18T10:33:16-06:00

Size Matters But A Huge Teddy Bear Will Not Get You Laid

Happy Valentine's Day It's that time of year again. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and the people at the Vermont Teddy Bear Co have come up with another brilliant ad campaign. It's called Size Matters and the idea is if you buy your sweetheart a huge teddy bear you will get some. Of course to cover all bases the hapless men are encouraged to

Size Matters But A Huge Teddy Bear Will Not Get You Laid2013-02-03T12:44:29-06:00

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

You all know how much I love Valentine's Day so here are some fun facts from around the world about Valentine's Day. There is no mention of Love Day from Blue's Clues which is a total oversight.  

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day2012-02-10T12:45:48-06:00

Top 5 Worst Valentine’s Day Presents

Image by blmurch via Flickr Valentine's Day is just around the corner which means if you are a typical guy you haven't even begun to think about what to get for that special lady. Have no fear, I am here to help you. You've probably seen a lot of TV commercials for the perfect gift, one that is sure to get you laid,

Top 5 Worst Valentine’s Day Presents2011-02-11T17:54:21-06:00

Truth in Dating

Image via Wikipedia As I sit here on the eve of Valentines Day, that be all and end all to hopeless romantics, I am watching romantic tear jerkers on TV. So far I have cried to the ending of Armageddon and now I am watching Love Actually. I will cry at the end of this movie when they show the last scene at Heathrow airport.

Truth in Dating2009-02-13T20:03:00-06:00

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