Some Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Now that it's over, everyone can go home. Obviously, I have some thoughts on the Super Bowl and all the surrounding festivities and celebrations that took place in the Twin Cities metro area. Some Thoughts on the Super Bowl First and foremost, it was pretty awesome. The weather couldn't have been better. Sure, it was cold and it snowed a few inches, but that's what

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There’s a Mouse in my Car!!!!

There's a mouse in my car!!! WTF!?!?!? I haven't actually seen the mouse, but I can hear it and it's terrifying. A few months ago I was driving my daughter to school because the bus never came. As we were getting on the practice freeway (35E for those of you who aren't from the Twin Cities, but for those of you coming here for the

There’s a Mouse in my Car!!!!2018-01-24T13:25:47-06:00

Things to do this January in Minnesota

If you like the cold, then you probably love these things to do this January in Minnesota. It's cold, like really cold. Like so cold people who have never lived here really don't understand how cold it can get. Currently it is 10° F. That's cold, but it's going to get even colder. Thursday it's forecasted to be -5°F, and being a Minnesota Blogger, I'm scheduled

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It’s a Def Leppard day

I was all set to talk about Canadians today but I got stuck in traffic so my Canadian post will have to wait until Monday. I love Def Leppard. There is no better band to rock out to in a car or anywhere you can play the music really loud. With arm or without these guys can rock. I went to several of their concerts

It’s a Def Leppard day2010-04-16T13:25:56-05:00

Obama Hangover

St. Paul hosted Senator Barack Obama last night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. The redundancy is on purpose since most of the news outlets were unable to utter the words St. Paul without Minneapolis coming out first. This morning as I was heading from the parking ramp to my office building I bumped into an Obamafan who was left behind from last

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Minneapolis/St. Paul

Image via Wikipedia Barack Obama was in my fair city last night for a rally. I know he was there because it took me 15 minutes to get out of the city last night where it usually takes me three minutes. There were throngs of people camped out in front of the Xcel Energy Center. Buses were carting high school graduates to the auditorium, housed

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Twin Cities, we aren’t that stupid are we?

The powers that be in Minneapolis and St. Paul have decided to rename the Twin Cities "Minneapolis St. Paul More to Life". They spent 1.5 million to come up with and then market that really stupid slogan. What the hell are they smoking? This has to be one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. Apparently there are several "Twin Cities" and confusion

Twin Cities, we aren’t that stupid are we?2020-07-10T20:28:59-05:00

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