The powers that be in Minneapolis and St. Paul have decided to rename the Twin Cities “Minneapolis St. Paul More to Life”. They spent 1.5 million to come up with and then market that really stupid slogan. What the hell are they smoking? This has to be one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. Apparently there are several “Twin Cities” and confusion needed to be avoided. I googled “Twin Cities” and did manage to find buried deep within the results a Twin City Chamber of Commerce which represented Festusand Crystal in Missouri and an ad for some real estate group selling “a piece of the Twin Cities”, this appeared to be pictures of a festival for twins and other multiples located in Larkspur. Every other entry referred to Minneapolis and St. Paul as the Twin Cities.

Several questions immediately pop into my head that need to be answered. Who authorized this mayhem? Who is the salesperson on this one? Whoever this person is who sold this idea is an amazing sales person and obviously not a resident of Minneapolis or St. Paul. Dare I say Minnesota or even the Midwest. This is not a person worried about what his neighbors will think. Whoever this person is must be from California. If this person lived in the Twin Cities and it was discovered he sold this bonehead idea to the heads of these two cities he would be run out of town. Why is Minneapolis always listed first? St. Paul is the capitol city. St. Paul is the cleaner city. St. Paul is the place where everyone knows one another, St. Small. We have fewer murders, Murderapolis. Can you tell which one I’m from? What is wrong with the Twin Cities? It was good enough for Mary Tyler Moore. If they really want to change the slogan why not at least something truthful…Minneapolis St. Paul Two Boneheaded Mayors