I was all set to talk about Canadians today but I got stuck in traffic so my Canadian post will have to wait until Monday.

I love Def Leppard. There is no better band to rock out to in a car or anywhere you can play the music really loud. With arm or without these guys can rock. I went to several of their concerts back when they first started touring, before Behind the Music, the drugs and break ups. I saw them open for Queen, one of the most awesome shows I have ever seen. I can’t remember who I went to these concerts with but I know I have never stopped loving their music.

I went to visit my mother this morning.  Normally a 40 minute drive one way. It’s a 40 minute drive one way because I take the path least traveled and go all around the metro area.  I probably add 10 miles to my trip this way but I can drive 70-80 mph the whole way.

As most of you know I live in St. Paul. People from St. Paul don’t usually go to Minneapolis unless the have to. There aren’t that many good reasons I can think of that would warrant my need to go to Minneapolis except to visit my mother. My mom lives in a suburb clear on the other side of Minneapolis, which means that Minneapolis is smack dab between where I live and where my mother lives. I can’t avoid it, I have to go through it. Which is why I visit my mother after rush hour.

On the way back I decided that I was wasting a lot of gas trying to avoid Minneapolis so instead of going around it I decided to take the crosstown, highway 62, which goes right through the city I have been trying to avoid all my life. The crosstown was built to get people from one side of town to the other quickly.  It has never been my experience to get from point A (St. Paul) to point B (Minneapolis) quickly using the crosstown because as long as I can remember the crosstown has been under construction. However, because I don’t actually drive on the crosstown I really have no way of knowing if it is under construction. It might have been years ago, the last time I drove it, but there is really no way for me to know. So I decided to take the crosstown which should have reduced my trip from 40 minutes to maybe 15.

I don’t even know why I am typing all of this out for you. Just watch the video.

I’m sure the Canadians don’t have this kind of traffic.

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