Today is The Day of Positivity!!

Today is apparently The SpongeBob Day of Positivity, a day in which to celebrate SpongeBob Squarepant’s most admired quality – eternal positivity! I know this because my inbox is filled with all kinds of press releases about the positive event. Usually I ignore them because, like this press release, they come on the day of the event and I don't have time put together a decent post

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Meet the Family

Some of you may have noticed that I rarely have pictures on my blog. I take pictures and I even upload them to my computer however I have yet to organize them and label them with names and dates (I know, big surprise). After two years of writing about them I thought it might be nice if you had some faces to put to the

Meet the Family2009-12-01T22:36:04-06:00

We Have a New Blankie

After many people sent me links to blankets and fabric and looking online for two hours I could not find the right fabric. Daughter and I went to the fabric store and she picked out two different patterns for her new blankie. She picked out elephants with a blue background and babies in pastels on a white background. She chose dark red and dark blue

We Have a New Blankie2009-05-08T08:53:00-05:00

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