After many people sent me links to blankets and fabric and looking online for two hours I could not find the right fabric. Daughter and I went to the fabric store and she picked out two different patterns for her new blankie. She picked out elephants with a blue background and babies in pastels on a white background. She chose dark red and dark blue for the trim. All of the materials cost about twelve dollars. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to make the blankie until next week at which point she would be helping me. She was surprisingly fine with that, waiting I mean.

After going to the fabric store she came home and put on her swimsuit to jump through the sprinkler with some other girls on the block. She then grabbed the matierial, while I was not looking, and made a cape out of one piece and gave the other to her friend so they could both be super heroes. Needless to say I have to launder the material. She is actually fine using it as is which works for me. I’d have taken pictures but she has brought it to school for sharing.

The Sponge Bob blankie has been tossed aside for now. I feel kinda bad for it.

I must say I am a little shocked to learn that so many adults still sleep with their childhood blankies. Really quiet shocked. Who knew there were so many fucked up people our there leading normal lives?

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